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Merit System[]

The merit system contains a few similar terms so below is a list of the terms so that you do not get confused.


  • Merit Medals - There are 3 medals you can earn to evaluate and 1(2) earned from war: Common Meritorious Medal, Glittering Meritorious Medal, and Honorable Meritorious Medal are the three to register in the merit system, and Meritorious Medal of Storm (Procyon) or Meritorious Medal of Luminosity (Capella) are earned from war depending on your nation.
  • Medal Evaluation - This is the system where you evaluate merit medals to try to get higher grades of the medals.
  • Medal Registration - This is the system that you use to earn points from the various grades of medals.
  • Merit Points - These are the points gained to earn spending points in the Merit System trees.
  • Merit Medal Class - These are the different grades of the Merit Medals, and range from 1 to 8.


Earning Medals[]

During war, depending on your score earned, you can earn from 1 to 5 merit medals to trade with the war contribution officers for the common meritorious medals.