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Casting skills require lots of Mana points. Mana is required not only for magic skills but also for sword skills. Mana Potions are produced and strictly managed by mages that are officially approved by the Sage Tower. The ingredients are known to be extracts of a particular plant that are commonly found everywhere in Nevareth, and that is how these valuable Mana Potions were provided to the public at the same price as HP Potions.
[TIP] The Mana Potion's MP restoration chart listed below only displays the most basic value, and the amount of MP restored by the potions may be affected by each character's different condition.

MP Potion Levels

Mana potion (Lvl 1)

Mana Potion (Lvl 2)
Mana Potion (Lvl 3)
Mana potion (Lvl 1) Recovers MP for 50
Mana potion (Lvl 2)
Recovers MP for 200 Mana potion (Lvl 3)
Recovers MP for 400