Cabal Wiki
MA-06 Quadra
ARM-01 Quadra
Location Pontus Ferrum
Description It is the last type of the MA series. This Monster is a high precision machine designed for killing all objects who try to get in Pontus Ferrum. It has the typical Boss features like extremely high damage, defense and health.
Level ~158
Type Aggressive
Range Melee
Location on Map
Pontus Ferrum map
MapLinkChoice Location of MA-06 Quadra in Pontus Ferrum (40,130)

Pontus Ferrum Monsters[]


Drops[ | ]

Bike Parts Lv. 2
Bike Parts Lv. 3
Upgrade Core (Highest)
Slot Extender (High)
Random +7 Armors/Weapons (1slot)
Weapons/Armors with Epic (Shineguard-SigMetal)

Tips[ | ]

The respawn time is around four hours. It is recommended to kill him in group to save on SP so you can kill many while hunting. With the introduction of BM3, it is far more common for players to be able to solo it.