Cabal Wiki

The Lords of War are the top scoring players in the server for Mission War. They're supposed to be the leaders in war for everyone to follow.

Bringer[ | ]

Bringers are the top scorers for the combined best 7 scores of a player. The Title is re-chosen on Sunday at midnight server time and will be announced in the system messaging. The title lasts for 7 days.

Bringers are supposed to lead their nations into battle to victory acting as the central command role. Teamwork with your bringer will ensure a better success rate in war.

Each nation has 1 Bringer to lead them.

Guardians[ | ]

Guardians are the next top scorers for the combined 7 top scores of a player in a week. The title is given to the top scorer of each class except the Bringer. The player is chosen and announced at the same time as the Bringer's.

Guardian's task is to help protect the Bringer in major battles, and to act as alternate commanders in his/her absence. They're the Officers of war and working with your guardians will aid in a better chance at beating your opponents.