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Leveling Up, 1st (level 80)
Given by: Your default officer
Location: Your default town.
Level: Level 80
Requirements: None
Type: Rank up

Following quest: Leveling Up, 2nd (level 80)

For every ten levels, you will have to go through a series of tests to get your rank up bonuses.

Objective[ | ]

Gain [20] 'Mission Coins' from Meca menders in Fort Ruina.

Reward[ | ]

You must return to Kallua in Green Despair for the reward.

Experience: 41,000 EXP
Amount: 350,000 Alz
Item: G.D. Certificate (level 8)

Dialogue[ | ]

Initial Dialogue[ | ]

Dialogue with Dunhike:
"You've certainly developed into a respectable fighter in no time. The fighters in Nevareth are eligable to level up after reaching a certain level. We refer to this abattle style leveling or promotion. The battle style leveling process is quite complicated. The promotion process is not that simple. If you wish to approach the threshold to promotion, you must first satisfy a number of qualification conditions. Go see the instructor. He will provide you with more details."
[Go to theinsructor.]

Intermediate Dialogue[ | ]

Dialogue with Gette:
"The judges for battle style leveling are the instructors of the three special government colonies. First, go to Green Despair and complete the assignment that the instructor there gives to you. After finishing all of the two asignments, return here, and I will give you a warp card that will take you to the promotion testing grounds."
"And this is a certificate verifying that you are qualified to take the promotion test. If you present this to the instructor in Green Despair, he will present you with a test."
[I shall return.]
Dialogue with Kallua:
"Are you the fighter who has come to take the promotion test? Seeing as you have the certificate, it appears you are qualified. Welcome. I will give you a promotion assignment. This time, the mission is different from the previous ones. The demons on the continent are no longer of any match to you. To perform this mission, you must go to the forbidden land, a place where only those with permission can go, the special government colony of Fort Ruina."
[What mission must I complete here?]
"There are a number of mechanisms that have ben set up on teh continent that are used so that the Tower of Sages can verificy one's level qualifications. Special coins have been hidden in Fort Ruina. They are commonly called Mission Coins. As they can be procured by killing Mechmander, which lives there, go and return with one."
[I shall take the challenge]

Completion Dialogue[ | ]

Dialogue with Kallua:
"You've successfully completed the first test. Right, then the next step is in Bloody Ice. Go and see the instructor there. As I will give you a certificate confirming your completion of the test here, make sure to show it to him."
[I've passed the first stage!]