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Legacy Weapon

Legacy Weapon

Description: Not specified

The weapon of legend which was forged before the world was created. This weapon has a need and is roaming around the world searching its owner for long time. It changes its shape according to the owner's combat special quality. It will be destroyed as soon as the battle ends.

Obtaining & Equipping[ | ]

  • Dropped by Legacy Guardians. Only available in the Mission War map.
  • Equip by right click. Existing weapons will be moved to character inventory and replaced with legacy weapon shown in gallery below.
  • Legacy weapon is dropped upon character death, disconnection from the mission war channel or return to the mission war lobby area.

Given Stats[ | ]

Option Effect
Wizard Force Archer Warrior Force Blader Blader Force Shielder
Attack 190 370
Magic Attack 370 190
Attack Rate 2200
Critical DMG 70%
Critical Rate 15%
HP/MP Steal 3%
Magic/Sword Skill Amp. 5%
Defense 120 150

Gallery[ | ]

Warrior Legacy Weapon
Blader Legacy Weapon
an image
Force Blader  
Wizard Legacy Weapon
Force Shielder Legacy Weapon
Force Shielder  
Force Archer Legacy Weapon
Force Archer