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Lakeside GPS Lakeside
Lakeside map
Description This area's map is hidden. No information can be handled.
Neighbors Port Lux, Fort Ruina, Porta Inferno
Level Req. Lakeside I: 110+
Lakeside II: 115+
Lakeside III: 120+
War Zone Yes
Illusion Castle Underworld, Illusion Castle Radiant Hall

Entrance[ | ]

Map Code[ | ]

To receive the map code, you must complete this quest:

NPCs[ | ]

Fidofilo zmona
Iki Triedes iki Kulno

Monsters[ | ]

Lakeside Monsters

:*P-Procyon entrance
 :*C-Capellan entrance
 :*N-Neutral entrance
 :*1-Lakeside I
 :*2-Lakeside II
 :*3-Lakeside III
 :*B-Boss's Location (Berderk Faello)

Lakeside mob locations

Monster locations

Iron Golem icon
Bloody Orc
Bloody Orc Mage icon
Dark Gnoll icon
Dark Gnoll Mage icon
Bloody Harpy Slave icon
Dark Troll icon
Bloody Harpy Warrior icon
Bloody Ogre icon
Iron Gargoyle icon
Dark Minotaurus icon
Berderk Faello icon

Lakeside Quests[ | ]

You can get the quests list here.

Drop Table[ | ]

See main page: Lakeside Drop Table

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