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Illusion Castle Underworld
Lakeside map
MapLinkChoice Location of Illusion Castle Underworld in Lakeside (171,175)
Entry Item: Ic1entry
Copy of the Illusive Apocalypse
120 ~ 180
Duration: 2 hr.
Reward for
10,000 Honor
4 Dungeon Points
Penalty for
None specified
Mob respawn time:
Number of Participants: None specified
Daily Reward: None specified
Illusion Castle Entrance

Illusion Castle Entrance

Dungeon Information[ | ]

Also known as "IC1" this dungeon is difficult for players <130 however the drops can make it worth running. It is a relatively short dungeon and a party of 1-3 people is recommended depending on how strong the party members are.

Drops[ | ]

Some of the better items that can drop in this dungeon include:

  • Craft Perfect crafted Redosmium grade weapons and armor
  • Weapon Topaz/Red Osmium/Forcium, Lycanus Weapons
  • Armor Shineguard/Mystic/Teragrace/Forcium
  • Core Force Core (High), Force Core (Highiest), Upgrade Core (High), Upgrade Core (Highiest)
  • Acessory Amulet of Resist +2, Ddefensive Earring +3
  • Epaulet Rare
  • Bike Astral Bike (Blue), Astral Bike (RW3)
  • Piece Lycanus Core
  • Extender Slot Extender (Highiest)
  • Mercenary Mercenary Card Piece - Leedy, Mercenary Card Piece - Skalid, Mercenary Card Piece - Aizhan, Mercenary Card Piece - Elena

For a summary of drops see: Illusion Castle Underworld Drops
A comprehensive drop table from EST is found at: Illusion Castle Underworld Drop Table

Monsters[ | ]

Mini Bosses[ | ]

Bosses[ | ]

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Dungeon111 01
Dungeon111 03
Dungeon111 02
Dungeon111 04
Dungeon111 05

Video Walkthrough[ | ]

Step by Step Walkthrough[ | ]

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Image Description
Ic11 When you enter Illusion castle you will see some bones lying around at the start click them and go on, a warning will appear.
Ic12 You will meet your first boss Crusek Faello
Ic13 defeat him.
Ic14 Go on and you will find a wall blocking your way, break it.
Ic15 A huge crowd of mobs will wait you at the next area, defeat a few and Tartaminos will spawn.
Ic16 You can go on after you defeated him.
Ic1 altar Proceed to the 3rd Altar, as shown, click it. Now you have two available options to continue with the Quest:

Option 1. Spawns only the Orc soldiers. Click the other altars to spawn more orcs, if you want extra EXP.

Option 2. Spawns only the Orc Leaders (mini bosses).

Ic17 After selecting the 2nd option, a warning message will appear - defeat the 2 Orc Commanders.
Ic18 Go on again and you will see a crystal (Orc Chief's Treasure), click on it and a Boss Mob will spawn.

You can select between 3 different forms (1st destruction/2nd healer/3rd Curse), it depends on what you click.

Ic19 Boss
Ic110 When you go on, after you opened the chest, a Warning message will appear, now you have to be fast, run to the cave at the right side to kill an Orc scout, otherwise you won´t be able to defeat the hidden boss
Ic111 (there is a machine which you attack as well on the left no idea what for it is used).
Ic112 -Hidden Boss-

If you killed the Orc scout, the green wall at the right side will be vanished.

Ic113 Go
Ic114 You can defeat now Bigcrup Cuawan to get one more chest.
Ic115 After it go on again.
Ic116 On your way you will cross a chest on the ground and a wall is blocking the way, hit the chest once (if you hit it more than once, the number of mobs will increase in the next area). Wait until the green gate clears away (~30 seconds).
Ic117 You will see 2 cages, click on the right one to spawn the Harpy Boss Surkhan.
Ic118 Defeat Harpy Boss Surkhan.
Ic119 After you killed it go on and break the crystal wall which is blocking the way.
Ic120 You will end up in an area full with harpies, if you kill the correct one the Harpy Boss Kierke will spawn (I marked the correct one).
Ic121 Harpy Boss Kierke
Ic122 Go on again until a wall is blocking the way, break it
Ic123 A warning message will appear and you have to defeat Maga Eyagre.
Ic125 After you are done with the boss, go down until you meet the Gate Keeper Faellos kill them and the way will be open to the last boss.
Ic126 The last boss has 2 forms, first one is pretty easy has a spike attack and can go berserk if you take too much time to kill it.

Second one will debuff you with attack/defense decrease.

Ic130 Now you can use your stones with one of the 3 crystals in the end boss room, to get honour + a chest.
Ic131 Illusion Stone Quests:

Each party member can obtain an illusion stone (3 different types) during the dungeon run, which just he/she can use at the end of the dungeon to get honour and an extra chest.

The Best one (Glorious) it will give you a legendary Box + 10.000 Honour.

Ic132 Legacy Chest + 5.000 Honour
Ic133 Relic Chest + 2.000 Honour
Ic134 Now you can finish the dungeon by clicking on grinder wheel.

Congrats you have successfully finished Illusion Castle