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You can consider honor points as a type of counter, after you reach a certain number of honor points you will gain in Honor Rank. An analogy to this is character experience and level, as you gain experience your character will level up. The more honor points and correspondingly higher the honor rank you have the better. Honor Rank allows your character to wear higher level accessories like Earrings and Bracelets. Titles your character can use due to honor rank is also very useful. Honor points are also spent crafting certain items.

Accumulating Honor Points

Honor Points can be earned throughout the game in quests, killing monsters in the war channel, etc.


Most of the quests give honor points as a reward when you complete them. When you complete a dungeon you also get honor points. The amount of honor earned depends on the quest or dungeon.

War Server/Map

Killing monsters or players on the War server give you also honor points. The amount of honor earned depends on the following:

  • When you are not yet in an Nation (Capella or Procyon) you earn by default 1 honor per killed mob.
  • When you are in a nation, the earned amount of honor depends on the number of players on the opposite nation that are on the channel or map. When there are more enemy nation players active, you will gain more honor per killed mob.
  • When you kill a player of the opposing nation on the war server/map you will gain 60* honor points extra for the kill. Enemy nation players are displayed red on war maps and have a name that is scrambled.
  • When you kill a player without a nation (orange name), you will gain the same amount of honor as you get for killing a mob.
  • The amount is dependent on the difference in the number of players from each nation on the server.

Mission War

Main Page: Mission War
The easiest way to get honor points is by exchanging WExp acquired from Mission War. To get the highest WEXP you need to score at least 150 points. If you score within the top 30% of the people in war, you gain an extra 10% WEXP.

Glory Potions

Glory potions are potions that give you honor when you use them. This is a very fast way to get honor, but the potions are very rare. They seem to drop only in Forgotten Temple (B1F), but can be crafted as well.

Potion of Honor

Potions of Honor are potions obtained from the Cube of Honor(Low/Medium/High/Highset) sold by DP Exchange NPC Peticia.

  • Potion of Honor (Lv 1) = Honor Points
  • Potion of Honor (Lv 2) = Honor Points
  • Potion of Honor (Lv 3) = Honor Points
  • Potion of Honor (Lv 4) = 240,000 Honor Points

Plate of Honor & Plate of Glory

Main Page: Plate of Honor quests

  • Plates of honor are quest items that allow you to accept quests from Morison, the officer in Port Lux. This quest will give you the opportunity to earn a large amount of additional honor.
  • Plates of Glory are quest items that allow you to accept quests from the Port Lux Officer that superceeds the amount and restrictions imposed by Plate of Honor. Different levels of Plate of Glory will give variant amount of honor by defeating the final boss of specific dungeons that matches the Plate of Glory.

Honor Rank

Once you gain a certain amount of honor, you gain a honor rank. The higher the rank, the more advantages you will get in the game. You can use better jewelery or buy certain items at NPC you couldn't do before.

Honor Rank Required Honor points WExp exchange Title
Reward points WEXp exchanges to next rank Capella Procyon Nationless Stats Given
Class 1 10,000 10,000 1 - - -
Class 2 20,000 20,000 1 - - -
Class 3 40,000 20,000 2 - - -
Class 4 80,000 21,875 3.2 - - -
Class 5 150,000 37,500 3.5 - - -
Class 6 300,000 42,857 7 - - -
Class 7 600,000 75,000 8 - - -
Class 8 1,200,000 100,000 13 - - -
Class 9 2,500,000 113,636 22 - - -
Class 10 5,000,000 125,678 39.8 - -
Class 11 10,000,000 175,949 56.8 Praetor Knight Vagabond [HP+60]
Class 12 20,000,000 246,383 121.8 Praetor of Silence Knight of Dawn Disciple [HP+120]
Class 13 40,000,000 344,859 87 Praetor of Insight Knight of Fighting Spirit Spirit Ascetic [HP+120, Resist Critical Damage+6%]
Class 14 80,000,000 422,453 165.7 Praetor of Tolerance Knight of Passion Spirit Ascetic [HP+180, Resist Critical Damage+6%, Resist Crit Rate+3%]
Class 15 150,000,000 452,628 220.9 Praetor of Glory Knight of Protection Spirit Ascetic [HP+180, Resist Critical Damage+18%, Resist Crit Rate+3%]
Class 16 250,000,000 905,256 276.2 Praetor of Faith Knight of Valor Spirit Ascetic [HP+240, Resist Critical Damage+18%, Resist Crit Rate+6%, Resist Root+12%]
Class 17 500,000,000 1,231,148 324.9 Praetor of Will Knight of Devotion Spirit Ascetic [HP+240, Resist Critical Damage+18%, Resist Crit Rate+6%, Resist Root+12%, Resist Stun+12%]
Class 18 900,000,000 1,385,042 433.2 Praetor of Truth Knight of Judgment Spirit Ascetic [HP+360, Resist Critical Damage+24%, Resist Crit Rate+8%, Resist Root+12%, Resist Stun+12%, Resist Knockback+12%]
Class 19 1,400,000,000 1,578,947 380 Praetor of Brilliance Knight of Tempest Spirit Ascetic [HP+480, Resist Critical Damage+24%, Resist Crit Rate+8%, Resist Root+12%, Resist Stun+12%, Resist Knockback+12%, Resist Down+12%]
Class 20 2,000,000,000 - - The Quaestor The Sovereign Spirit Ascetic [HP+600, Resist Critical Damage+36%, Resist Crit Rate+12%, Resist Root+18%, Resist Stun+18%, Resist Knockback+18%, Resist Down+18%]
  • In order to reach Honor Rank Class 20, you must complete 2,167 WExp exchanges (216,700 wexp)
  • Take advantage of wexp % boosting events and items, as it can really help cut down time.
  • Completing all story quests should get you to Honor Rank 9.

There will be an expansion on the honor rank system in Episode 12 or 13. More details will be added as information is released.