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Hidden Helper T (No.031)
Given by: Hidden Helper
Location: Desert Scream
Level: Level 69
Requirements: None
Type: Hidden

Introductory[ | ]

Message from someone who's watching my growth.

Objective[ | ]

Go and hunt Mechbuffalo in Fort Ruina and find (55) 'Message No.031 of Helper T.'

Reward[ | ]

You must return to Hidden Helper for the reward.

Experience: 53,998 EXP
Item: Life Capsule (Lv3) TypeA
Amount: 500.000 Alz

Dialogue[ | ]

Completion Dialogue[ | ]

Grave's Holy Cross

"Warrior, I celebrate you for that you have willingly taken the difficult course, and made such a great achievement. I have left something to reward you. Remember, my messages will be continued as long as warriors wish to attain great reward from me."