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Hidden Helper T (No.016)
Given by: Grave's Holy Cross
Location: [[Desert Scream]]
Level: None
Requirements: Level 54
Type: Hidden

[[Category: Desert Scream quests|Hidden Helper T (No.016)]][[Category:Hidden quests|Hidden Helper T (No.016)]]

Introduction[ | ]

Message from Hidden Helper T

Requirements[ | ]

Level 54

Objective[ | ]

Hunt Perytons in Port Lux to obtain (40) Message No.014 of Helper

Reward[ | ]

-EXP: 27558 -Item: Life Capsule(LV3) Type B

Dialogue[ | ]

Quest Dialogue
-Before activaton

 "Help from someone who is watching me on dark side. His message will be found on the Holy Cross of the Tomb in Desert  Scream."

-Upon activation

 "Message from someone who is watching my growth. Go and hunt Peryton in Port Lux and find Message No.014 of Helper T."

-Before Completion


-Upon Completion