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This page is a how-to for contributing to the wiki. If you are new to wikis, we invite you to experiment in the Sandbox before editing normal pages. Click the edit link located at the top of the Sandbox page.

See the Community Portal if you want to help us. =)

Courtesy requests[]

  1. Please use the "Show preview" button before saving the page.
  2. Please sign all discussion posts with your name - use " -~~~~ " (4 tildes).
  3. Read the Manual of Style before making new pages or big changes to an existing page.

Creating a new page[]

A red link such as Help:Non-existent page indicates that the page does not exist. Clicking on it will bring you to a page where the first version of it can be written and saved.

A second option to create a new page is to type the full name of the page you wish to create into the Search box. This will bring you to a page that says There is currently no text in this page, you can search for this page title in other pages or edit this page. with links to the search page, or the edit page where you can then write and save the page.

Another way to create a new page is to navigate to the URL directly. For example, typing out page onto the browser's URL address bar and hitting the enter button will achieve the same effect as clicking on the red link above.

Creating a subpage[]

To create a subpage of another page, use any of the 3 options above to create the page with the following naming: Original page name/Subpage name using the forward slash (/) to indicate the separation between the original page, and the subpage.

Wiki markup[]

Text style[]

Use apostrophes to make text bold or italic. For underlined words, type in <u>...</u>.

Code HTML equivalent Result
''Italic text'' <i>Italic text</i> Italic text
'''Bold text''' <b>Bold text</b> Bold text
'''''Mixed text''''' <b><i>Mixed text</i></b> Mixed text
None <u>Underlined text</u> Underlined text

Colored Text[]

If you want to change the color of the text, write down this code:

<font color="COLOR CODE">TEXT MESSAGE</font>

  • The colour code is a hex number or word to show the colour.
  • The text message is the message you want to type.

Using this code:

Code Results
<font color="blue">hi</font> hi
<font color="#0000FF">hi</font> hi

Both the results above is the same colour. The colour code for blue is "#0000FF", starting with the symbol "#" then the code. You may also put words too, but if you want a specific colour, you type in the colour code of that particular colour.

For the list of colours with the colour codes (hex triplet), click here.


Enclose words in double square braces to make a link to an article on this wiki. Separate the link from the caption with a vertical bar ("|"). External links use single square braces and use a space to separate the link from the caption.

Code Result Notes
[[Quest]] Quest Normal wiki link
[[quest]]s quests Plural wiki link
[[quest|List of missions]] list of missions Renamed wiki link
[[wikipedia:Cabal Online]] wikipedia:Cabal Online Easy link to an article on Wikipedia
[ Cabal Online] Cabal Online External link with a caption.

Article sections[]

Enclose text with equal signs to divide an article into sections.

=Main section=
====Get the point?====


Upload an image using the upload file link found in the main menu.

Code Result Notes
[[Image:Port Lux map.png]] Port Lux map.png Display picture
[[Image:Port Lux map.png|200px]] Port Lux map.png Set picture width
[[Image:Port Lux map.png|200px|right]]
Port Lux map.png
align picture to the right
[[Image:Port Lux map.png|frame|Map of Port Lux]]

Map of Port Lux

Add a caption
[[Image:Port Lux map.png|thumb|150px|Map of Port Lux]]

Map of Port Lux

creat a thumbnail with caption


All table code needs to be the first character on the line.

Code HTML equivalent Result
{| <table> Start a table & make a 1st row
! <th> Column heading
| <td> New cell
!! </th><th> Column heading on same line
|| </td><td> New cell on same line
|- <tr> New row (not necessary at start)
|} </table> Close table
{| class=wikitable
Header1 Header2
data data
data data


All list code needs to be the first character on the line.

Code Result
# Ordered list item
* Unordered list
: Indent
#Step A
#Step B
#Step C
#Step D
::Note text
  1. Step A
  2. Step B
    • Hint
  3. Step C
    1. Substep
    2. Substep
  4. Step D
Note text


Enclose a template in double curly braces to have it transcluded to the page.


Inside the template file (e.g. {{{{warning}}}}), access parameters with triple curly braces.

{{{1}}} {{{2|default}}}


Use redirects to have one article automatically forward the read to another.

Code Result Notes
#REDIRECT [[Characters]] (redirects page to Characters)


The wiki uses categories to help organize all the pages.

Code Result Notes
[[category:items]] (adds page to Items category) Add articles to a category by adding a category link at the bottom of the article
[[:category:items]] category:items Display the category as a normal link by adding a colon

Other code[]

Code Result
<nowiki>text</nowiki> Make text display as is
<code>text</code> Make text display with font used for code.
<pre>text</pre> Make text display in a box, with code font, and without HTML whitespace formatting
<noinclude>text</noinclude> Show text on the template page, but not on transcluded pages. Useful for template usage instructions.
<includeonly>text<includeonly> Show text on transcluded pages, but not on the template page. Useful for templates that add articles to categories.
---- Add a horizontal bar.
~~~~ Add your signature.
<br> Force a line break.