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He Was the Lord of Destruction
Given by: Old Box
Location: Forgotten Ruin
Level: Level 95
Requirements: The Copy Ring of Change
Type: Scenario
Scenario: Again, The Story of Humans
Preceding quest: The Ruins of the Honorable Age
Following quest: The Truth of the Seal

Introduction[ | ]

Objective[ | ]

  • Find the old box to activate the quest
Forgotten Ruin map
MapLinkChoice Location of the Old Box in Forgotten Ruin (222,222)
  • There's a dungeon you must enter at the top right corner of Forgotten Ruin

Reward[ | ]

You must return to Mystic Blade in Closed Train Station in Fort Ruina for the reward.

Experience: 1,317,472 exp
Amount: 1,170,000 alz

Dialogue[ | ]

completion dialogue[ | ]