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Hampric (Grocer)
[[Image:NPC PortLux Stuff.gif]]
Location [[Port Lux]]
Profession (Grocer)Grocer.png
Description Sells life potions and mana potions. As a second job he sells auto traps to catch depraved characters. It is thought that that there is nowhere he hasn’t been to in Nevarath.
Location Map

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Port Lux NPC's

Eite (Weapon Shopkeeper)
Agris (Armour Shopkeeper)
Harper (Instructor)
Yerte (Core Alchemist)
Szulanski (Agent of Port Service)
Hampric (Grocer)
Morison (Officer)
Porter (Port Manager)
Levenson (Guard)
Reison (Guard)
Porus (Guard)

Port Lux Information

A small volcanic island which used to hold prisoners. The island grew in size every day due to the volcanic activity. The land was established as a battle colony by the armies of the Tower of Wise Men

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