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Even a veteran warrior needs these potions in the battlefield. HP potions are made with various herbs and medicinal fruits, and they heal gaping wounds quickly and reduce pain. A theoryinsists that regular use of potions may cause harmful effects to the body, but it has not been officially confirmed.
[TIP] The Life Potion's HP restoration chart listed below only displays the most basic values, and the amount of HP restored by the potions may be affected by each character's different condition.

HP Potion Levels

Life potion (Lvl 1)

Life Potion (Lvl 2)
Life Potion (Lvl 3)
Life potion (Lvl 1) Recovers HP for 50
Life potion (Lvl 2)
Recovers HP for 200 Life potion (Lvl 3)
Recovers HP for 400