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Starting Guild War[ | ]

1. Sending a request to the other guild for a battle.[ | ]

The Guild master types the following command in the whisper chat window.
/war <the opposing guild master's name> <number of deaths for a win>
[Tip]: To start a guild battle, type the name of the Guild master of the guild you wish to fight then specify the number of deaths needed to win the battle.
For example:
/war bob 300
This would send a GvG invite for 300 kills to bob for his guild.

2. The other Guild master will then receive the invitation for battle.[ | ]

This informs him of the name of the challenging guild and also the number of deaths need to win the battle. During this time, you will a receive a message asking you to wait patiently for a response.
[Tip]: Only the Guild master can accept the guild battle request. Thus, if the Guild master is away, the battle will be automatically canceled.

3. When the guild war starts, a time limit and a death gauge bar will be displayed.[ | ]

Also, the names of your opposing guilds men will be shown in red which means that they are hostile to you.
[Tip]: Every time your guilds men successfully defeats an enemy guilds men, the death gauge bar will gradually be filled. If your guilds men complete the required number of deaths to win the battle, the gauge bar will become full.

4. If you are defeated, you will receive the same message as if you are defeated by a monster.[ | ]

You will be revived at the nearest spawn point. Guild Battle does not have the death penalty.

5. When you defeat the other guilds man, you will receive a Player Kill message.[ | ]

The winning guild will be rewarded with Honor Points and the amount of Honor Points is affected by the number of participated members.
[Tip]: The Guild Battle's Honor Points calculation formula:
(Winning number of death x 50) ÷ the numbers of participated guilds men.