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List of green despair NPC's

NPC GreenDespair Weapon
Mitroff (Weapon Shopkeeper)
Sells arms for Force Archers and Force Bladers. He seems tough and can sometimes be impulsive. He is friends with Armour Shopkeeper Collins.
NPC GreenDespair Armor
Collins (Armour Shopkeeper)
Sells up to Blue Steel defence items categories for Force Archers and Force Bladers. He has good cooking skills and requests quests to collect ingredients for his cooking. He is good friends with Mitroff.
NPC GreenDespair Instructor
Kallua (Instructor)
Teaches sword, magic, and upgrade skills to Force Archers and Force Bladers. She is the strictest instructor of all. However, there is a rumour that she takes care of her skin due to the intense light of the sun in jungle.
NPC GreenDespair Magic
Nodaka (Core Alchemist)
Sells up to Blue steel magic arms categories for Wizards. She also sells life potion, mana potion, return stones warp cards for quest and accessories for second job. Also if you take force core to her she adds new properties into their items. Does not like tedious tasks and she is an inquisitive person.
NPC GreenDespair Warehouse
Nadler (Agent of Port Service)
You can leave your items with him. But, every time you leave an item with him, you have to pay a commission. Once he dreamed of becoming a member of the troops in Huan continent but he doesn’t regret his choice to be an Agent of Port Service.
NPC GreenDespair Stuff
Libert (Grocer)
Sells Life potions and mana potions. As a second job he sells auto traps to catch depraved characters and warp cards for specific quests. He is full of self confidence and he is able to perform calculations very quickly.
File:NPC GreenDespair Officer.gif
Schuteberk (Officer)
He is responsible for the advancement examination for Force Archers and Force Bladers and he allows you to create a guild. He is one of the officials of the Tower of wise men. He seems strict but worries about players who are in dangerous quests.
NPC GreenDespair Handerson
Henderson (Guard)
He is a brave man who guards Green Despair from monsters. He sometimes has requests for quests. He likes to take risks for fun.
NPC GreenDespair Handerson
Sean (Guard)
He is a brave man who guards Green Despair from monsters. He sometimes has requests for quests. There is a rumour that his quest requests are peculiar.