Green Despair

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Green Despair GPS.gif Green Despair


Mapdungeon green.png
Mapdungeon yellow.png
Mapwarpgate all.png
Mapdungeon green.png Lake in Dusk & Mutant Forest Entrance (48,25)
Mapdungeon yellow.png Hazardous Valley Entrance (21,248)
Mapwarpgate all.png Warp Center Entrance (220,17)
Description Located deep inside a great forest. Once populated by by natives and wild animals. However, as you travel deeper into the forest, mutated monsters and insects dwell.
Neighbors Desert Scream, Bloody Ice, Mutant Forest, Port Lux, Warp Center
city for
Force Archer, Force Blader
Level Req. 1
War Zone No
Lake in Dusk
Screen Shot

NPCs[edit | edit source]

== Quests == You can get the quests list here.
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Monsters[edit | edit source]

Monster locations

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