Great Destruction
Caused by
Cabal, the union of Monsters
All info regarding the past has been lost. The communications are cut completely from off-Nevareth.

Great Destruction was the destruction very before the 7 Sages, and the fighting classes. The Cabal cleansed the land of life completely, and completely destroying all the records indicating what the past was. Connection to the lands out of Nevareth has been completely cut. The Lord of Destruction disappeared after the Destruction. While there was no hope, 7 Sages have risen, and creating the 3 Classes: Blader, Warrior and Wizard. The trained knights were able to hold out againist the monsters and send them back. With the Cabal threat eliminated and the colonization completed, the Great Destruction was over. After the Destruction, the classes of knights were completely forgotten, and so is the teachings of the 7 Sages. The Lord of Destruction plans to unleash the power of the Cabal again, and to repeat the Great Destruction.

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