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Patch Notes - 16/01[ | ]

Server downtime: 16/01/2008 - 09.00 till 11.00 Short synopsis: This patch will include several key bug fixes, including a fix for the channel 'exploit' (whereby players could enter a channel despite it being full), Helper Quests and many of the causes of random disconnections. It will also mark the end of this years Christmas event, although players will still be able to open any remaining socks.


  • Add Hidden Helper T (No.082)
  • Add the function of using ctrl key and mouse left click to do Force Core Upgrade
  • Add the function of using ctrl key and mouse left/right click to destroy item


  • Channel "exploit", whereby players could enter a full channel by pressing enter and an arrow key, has been fixed.
  • "Message from Helper" (Quest Item) is now character bound
  • The error of not showing combo gage if combo is used right after using skill has been corrected.
  • Hidden Helper T (No.046) now correctly requests players to kill Zigdris Faello
  • Correct the disconnection error caused by abnormal count of killing Dark Jin for Hidden Helper T (No.082)
  • Change the UI related to NPC quest list
  • Correct the error of not increasing abilities for STAT increase when equiped accessary for STAT increase by mouse right click. (only when one accessary was equiped by mouse right click out of two accessaries)
  • Correct the error of dropiing socks item instead of quest item in the Frozen Tower of Undead B1F
  • Correct the error of formula card not counting green socks crafted by white socks
  • Correct the error of Upgrade Core(compensation of Hidden Helper T quest only) having 1 in its option
  • Correct the error of showing duplicated system message
  • Correct the disconnection error caused by catalyst even after removing it from upgrade window
  • Correct the disconnection error caused by untraining skill while all the Alz are on trade
  • Correct the disconnection error caused by using odd circle when died with odd circle
  • Correct the error of showing personal compensation to the characters waiting in lobby
  • Correct the error of showintg 300,000Alz for buying card of Phantasmal Clan's Card quest to 400,000Alz
  • Correct the error of continuously recovering SP even after aura mode is finished. (If try dance after using aura mode, dance finishes when aura mode is finished but recovering SP continues)
  • Correct the error of not showing the dungeon location of characters in buddy list when login for the first time
  • Correct the error of combo gage stop when using combo after clicking dummy in the condition of unable to use training dummies
  • Correct the wrong level for Hidden Helper T quests


  • Remove items and object of X-mas event
  • Remove drop of socks items
  • Remove object (X-mas tree in Bloody Ice)
  • Remove X-mas craft item(formula card) in core alchemist shop
  • Change proof items to character bind items
  • Change the use of items while trading to disable