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December Update[ | ]

New Features

Expansion of the game We are pleased to announce the addition of twenty (20) brand new levels, increasing the cap to level 170.

The race is now on for the first level 170... will it be you?

In order to achieve this new landmark we have introduced a brand new map, designed for players from level 140 and above.

However we warn you – its not easy!

Also a brand new item is available for players to find; Shadow Titanium Armour. Please refer to the attached images for a sneaky peak on how it looks.

Improved protection against cheats

Two new major advances have been made to help us in our battle against cheats; Players will now be required to input numbers and letters to verify their human presence when logging into the game. At the login screen you will find a unqiue image displaying numbers and letters and you will be required to input the same numbers and letters into a box.

If you wrongly put the details into the box a certain number of times your account will be locked. (Please refer to the attached image).

In addition to this we have added the well known gold selling sites to our list of banned words. I think you will agree that both of the above are welcome additions and will add extra protection against the cheats.

Balancing of server populations A "HOT" button has now been added to the server with the lowest population.

This we hope will balance out the server populations and attract new blood to the server with the lowest numbers.

Other new features

  • You will now be able to search your temporary inventory
  • Add function of fixing inventory tab when using lamp item by clicking mouse right button with Ctrl key
  • You will now be able to register your personal shop automatically
  • By highlighting a party member on the party window you will now target the player.

Bug Fixes and major changes

  • Several players were experiencing graphical glitches when a party member moved to a new map. This should now be fixed and you will no longer see any remanants of the player if he/she has moved to a new map.
  • Corrected the error whereby players were unable to type password when channel was created in chat window
  • Corrected the error whereby players were unable to close shop when both Rw3 warehouse and shop were opened
  • Players should now be able to enter dungeons with seven party members
  • Several disconnect issues have been solved, in particular relating to players in guild wars.
  • Players will no longer disconnect when clicking the normal craft icon while using formula card with normal craft window open
  • Corrected the error of having two previews when using change kit in full screen mode
  • Corrected error of camera movement delay when using moving attack skill
  • Expiration dates will now show more information i.e. 07 rather than 7
  • The unit of minimum damage will now be shown in a percentage format i.e. 10% rather than +10, in the item information window.
  • The hover icon over the NPC has been changed
  • The bind properties of the chaos box have been edited and this should now pave the way for its re-introduction to the item shop
  • Change to print put craft result message to party member
  • Change total number of item and type of remote shop item

Introduction of the test server The test server has now been launched and will soon be open for testers to try the new war map.

All testers have now had their forum accounts upgraded and should have access to the private forums.
If you have not been selected please remain patient as we may require further help at a later point.

Please report any bugs with this update in the usual way via the support system