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Crowning of the CABAL Online Mastermind[ | ]

Congratulations to the winner of this years Mastermind challenge, moomooo, who achieved an outstanding score of 100%. He walks away not only with the title of The CABAL Mastermind, but also a 90 day extension to his premium membership. Coming in a respectable second place was sm4kk, with a very respectable score of 98% and wins a 60 day premium membership for himself. Finally in third place we have blackened; with only two incorrect answers she is the highest scoring female and leaves the contest with an extension of 30 days to her premium account.

We would like to thank all 1157 of you who took part in the challenge, yet with an average score of only 54% we suggest that many of you need to go back to the Nevareth institute of higher education. We have re-opened the quiz and you can find out if you came in the top 100 by looking here. You will also be able to see the correct answers below. Once again congratulations to moomooo and we hope you all enjoyed participating in this event.

  1. What Colour is a CoralEye orb?Actual Answer: Orange
  2. How many Training Dummys is there outside Green Despair?Actual Answer: 4
  3. What Level do you gain the ability to start crafting items?Actual Answer: 50
  4. What colour is Henkoff(Officer) 's cape?Actual Answer: Red
  5. What town does the grocer Libert live in?Actual Answer: Green Despair
  6. At what level can you enter the Warp Center?Actual Answer: 3
  7. At which Class rank do you gain the Battle Aura special ability?Actual Answer: 3
  8. At what level do you gain the Battle mode I Special ability?Actual Answer: 30
  9. At what level must you be in order to create a guild?Actual Answer: 40
  10. Which Special Management Colony is in Cont. Midreth?Actual Answer: Bloody Ice
  11. The special Management Colony on cont. Huan is..Actual Answer: Desert Scream
  12. On which continent is the special management colony Green Despair located?Actual Answer: Cont. Pastur
  13. Which special management colony is on Exilian Island?Actual Answer: Port Lux
  14. How many special management colonies were constructed by the order of the former Sirius Sage?Actual Answer: 4
  15. How many special management colonies can be found in Nevareth?Actual Answer: 5
  16. How many maps can players explore in Nevareth?Actual Answer: 10
  17. How many different continents can be found in Nevareth?Actual Answer: 3
  18. Where can the Liber, Mordens and Industria police be found?Actual Answer: Cont Pastur
  19. Police Judin and Police Medinak are feuding over..Actual Answer: mineral vein in the upper reaches of Saintaii river
  20. The following are all organisations in Nevareth; TheThief Guild, The Mage Guild, The Heretics, The Police Judin Knightage, The Police Medinak Mercenary Group, The Sage Tower, and The Merchant Guild. Are they suspicious?Actual Answer: Yes
  21. What are the thief guild reported to use?Actual Answer: Vampires
  22. What forbidden magics have the newer members of the mage guild been accused of doing?Actual Answer: Turning people into zombies
  23. The Mercanary Group is trying to take over the regular army positions leading to a feud with a fellow group. Which group is it?Actual Answer: The Knightage
  24. What situation is facing the Sage Tower?Actual Answer: They have a spy who is leaking information
  25. Who is the Leader of the Judin Knightage?Actual Answer: Sir Luaan
  26. Some of the Pastur Merchant guild members are using monsters controled by special Emblems to harm the other mechant groups. What type of monsters are they using?Actual Answer: Bugzards lead by Highzard
  27. Who is the new leader of the Thiefs Guild after the recent coup d'etat?Actual Answer: Kashu
  28. The Mayor of which Police ordered the destruction of the Thieves Hall?Actual Answer: Hebrat
  29. Following the destruction of the thieves stronghold it is reported that some of its members managed to escape. How did they do this?Actual Answer: Shapeshifting into vampire bats
  30. What action did the new leader of the thieves guild take against those members who were still loyal to the previous leader?Actual Answer: Organised an internal Purge
  31. The Vampires employed by the thieves guild poses knowledge far greater than any human, using dark magic to gain an advantage over their opponents. Yet what is the effect of their dark magic?Actual Answer: It dazes their opponents
  32. What is the name of the previous leader of the Thieves guild?Actual Answer: Rin
  33. What weapons were given to Rin after her successful election to the position of master of the thiefs guild?Actual Answer: 2 deadly daggers
  34. Who was kidnapped by the Thieves guild after he borrowed money from them?Actual Answer: Skalid
  35. Skalid sends you on a number of ridiculous quests. What do they require you to kill?Actual Answer: Desert hounds, armakus, giant spiders, Archionises
  36. During your missions in the first three management colonies you are required to take samples of:Actual Answer: Zombies, Lynxhorn Zombies, Dire Boars, Plant Toads, Huge Beatles, Giant snakes, Panterhorns, and Plant Panterhorns
  37. Which part of the jungle has a guard post infront of it?Actual Answer: Red
  38. Who are the members of the investigation committee?Actual Answer: Bein, Aike, Arionell
  39. Who leads the investigation committee?Actual Answer: Bein
  40. Who is the youngest research trainee ever at the Tower of Sages?Actual Answer: Naain
  41. Where do you meet the best blader in Nevareth, Yuan, for the first time?Actual Answer: Naain's Laboratory
  42. Who is the 8th Sage that is responcible for conveying the orders of the other Sages?Actual Answer: Veradrix
  43. The first seven sages Sirius, Capella, Rigel, Procyon, Betalguese, Aldebaran and Pollux, were all...Actual Answer: Apprentices of Saint Valentine
  44. Which of the sages is also known as the child Sage?Actual Answer: Pollux
  45. Which of the sages is known as the wandering sage that is famous with his vast knowledge and as a protector of Pollux?Actual Answer: Aldebaran
  46. Which of the Sages is a warrior, wielding a huge two handed sword?Actual Answer: Betalguesse
  47. One of the Sages organises a demon hunting contest every year to find the strongest fighters. Who is he?Actual Answer: Procyon
  48. The spiritual leader of Cont Pastur is:Actual Answer: Sage Capella
  49. The Spiritual leader of Cont Midreth is:Actual Answer: Sage Pollux
  50. After deciphering the 1st Apocalypse card you can read on it:Actual Answer: The King has two Faces
  51. Who is the First Guadian Knight?Actual Answer: Veradrix
  52. Who is not a Guardian knight?Actual Answer: Aike
  53. Who is the King's Companion?Actual Answer: Arionell
  54. Who is the Former Sirius Sage?Actual Answer: Captain Mark
  55. Who is the professional researcher associated with the Tower of Sages?Actual Answer: Heil
  56. The former Leader of the Mage guild. also known as a Core Alchemist master, is..Actual Answer: Tesky
  57. After Breaking the seals on the Mage's book Veradrix found that the book mentions something that was never announced to the public which confirms the existence of a spy in the Sage tower, that was:Actual Answer: The existence of the 5th special management colony Fortess Ruina
  58. The result from the investigation into the mage guild was the discovery of the alliance between the mages and:Actual Answer: The Metal Clan monsters
  59. Which is the weakest monster in Green Despair?Actual Answer: Mantis
  60. How many monster types can be found in Port Lux?Actual Answer: 16
  61. How many dungeons are in Bloody Ice (non quest dungeons)?Actual Answer: 3
  62. Cox, Fisher, Nadler, Szulanski and Crowpar are all...Actual Answer: An agent of Port Service
  63. The "Copy Ring of the Change" is used to access which area?Actual Answer: Forgotten Ruin
  64. How many warp points exist in Undead ground?Actual Answer: 1 at start and 1 for winners of nation war in Tierra Glorrisa
  65. Which is the Strongest mob in Desert Scream?Actual Answer: Lug Queen
  66. How many "Named monsters“ can be found in Undead Ground?Actual Answer: 9
  67. How many boss monsters are in Pontus Ferrum?Actual Answer: 6
  68. What level do you need to be to enter the second part of Lake Side?Actual Answer: 115
  69. Which item do you need to enter the Lake in Dusk?Actual Answer: Map part
  70. Which of the following are side bosses in LiD (you dont need to kill them to finish the dungeon)?Actual Answer: Wurk and Fashik
  71. All monsters in Ruina Station have one of these prefixes. Which prefix is it?Actual Answer: Invader
  72. How many times do you need to kill The Invader Mecha Spider to end Ruina Station?Actual Answer: 3
  73. Who is the Last boss in ToD(B1F)?Actual Answer: The Mergaheph
  74. How many Durahans respawn in Printz Verzen's room?Actual Answer: 5
  75. The First dungeon in which you can find chests is:Actual Answer: Ruina Station