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This Easter on CABAL Online[ | ]

Easter in Nevareth is an experience not to be missed. With top prizes up for grabs and a whole heap of fun to be had, what better way is there to spend your Easter weekend? So whether you fancy testing your knowledge on our CABAL Mastermind quiz or think you have what it takes to beat the riddler, come and join us in Nevareth for fun, prizes and games.

What's on this Easter

Mastermind Challenge:

Ever boasted that you know all that there is to know about CABAL Online? Do you believe YOU are the most knowledgeable person on the topic of CABAL? Well now is your chance to prove it. From this Friday will be running a quiz open to all, putting contestants through their paces with a set of gruelling questions. With free premium memberships up for grabs, and the title of being the CABAL genius, this is a perfect opportunity for all you CABAL anoraks.

Easter Riddles:

Easter wouldn't be, well, Easter, without a few riddles to challenge you. Our very own riddler has set a series of riddles for you to solve with the winner once again taking away a free premium membership.

Extra special treat for premium and silver members...

As a way of saying thank you, will be delivering a special treat to all the houses of premium and silver members this Easter Sunday. Will the treat be as tasty as a chocolate Easter egg? You will just have to wait and see...

So come and join in on the fun! Whether you’re an old veteran or a newbie, this Easter in Nevareth is set to be something special. With more players online than ever before, and with episode 2 firmly in place, escaping to the lands of Nevareth has never been such an enjoyable adventure. So what are you waiting for? Enter the world of Nevareth for free this weekend and immerse yourself in the fantasy world of CABAL Online.