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CABAL Comic - March Edition[ | ]

Following on from last month's successful launch, we are pleased to announce the theme and entry details of this month's CABAL Comic.

If you have never heard of the comic before, or this contest, please read the original thread found here.

Once again we would like to congratulate Oras on his winning entry last month. Not only has he had his ideas turned into a professional comic, but also won himself a free month's premium game time. For those who have yet to see his winning entry, or just wish to see it again, it can be viewed here.

So how can you get involved? It's simple! Just read the below contest details, come up with a plot around the idea of alz sellers and send it into us by the 21st March. The winner will have his entry turned into a comic and find it published on the CABAL website.

March Contest Theme: The issue of alz sellers. Possible ideas: Entries can look at the issue of gold sellers from several different perspectives. One way could be looking at how GM's have attempted to handle the issue (for example showing how killing one gold seller results in a multiplication), another could be of the annoying nature of the gold sellers to the players. Closing date: 21st March 2008

The Rules

  • Entries must be submitted to by the date given
  • will provide the theme for the Comic; your task is to then create the scene by scene storyline
  • This should include the following details; where is the scene (attached with screenshot if possible)? Which characters are in the scene? Which class are these characters? What actions are the characters doing? What are the characters saying?
  • Each entry must be between 6-8 scenes.
  • This is a comic and as such the text must be limited
  • No drawings are needed. Your entry should just be descriptive and well written text
  • Winning entries will successfully take the topic and portray it in a humorous way via the actions in the scene and the text the characters are saying.

The Prizes

As already stated winning entries will have their plot used to create the comic. The winner will also receive one free months premium play and have his name listed in the comic credits.

Please feel free to use the discussion thread to ask any further questions.

We look forward to your entries!