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LVL UP! Event – Substitute Reward[ | ]

Due to an unexpected error, outside of our control, we are regrettably unable to offer the listed upgrade core rewards for the LVL UP! Event. We would like to apologise to all those who participated with the motive of receiving upgrade cores and stress that every effort was made to give players their correct rewards. Please note that this error only affected the upgrade core section of the event and players who participated in the “New Citizens of Nevareth” will receive their +7 armour in the next few days.

In compensation for this error, and as a substitute reward for players who participated in the event, we will be running a “Boost Up” event. Lasting for two weeks, from the 13th until 27th March, players will find that during every hour of every day they will receive a “Boost Up” either in the form of increased experience points, increased skill points or an increase into the amount of alz dropped.

While we understand that this is not the original advertised reward, we hope that by offering a compensation event which not only aids you in levelling but also in making cash and skill points, it is an acceptable substitute prize.