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Valentines Contest Winners![ | ]

For the past week we have been asking you to "spread the love" in Nevareth and we must say you have certainly responded! We received many creative, emotive, and heart-felt entries and it has been hard to decide on which deserved that all important prize.

From tales of finding love on CABAL, to screen shots and drawings displaying how couples can be together on CABAL, this event has shown the power of CABAL not only for war and fighting, but also for love. With that in mind we are happy to announce the winners of this years contest. The following couples will receive an email in the next few days and will be able to have their dream wedding in the lands of Nevareth:

  1. NordglanzWolf & Xmechanisator
  3. Icey & Akherousia
  4. Poisonedb & Spellhunter
  5. Kymy & Kaelys
  6. Kar00linka & Volvang
  7. Lunzie & A special man (name unknown)
  8. Neelo & Karatekatten
  9. Azy & Blacky

Once again we would like to thank you all for your entries. In the next few days we will be uploading some of the best to our website for you all to see. Have a Happy Valentines and remember CABAL is not just about war and fighting, but also love, happiness and meeting new and special people.

If you wish to discuss this contest and give your feedback, please do so on the following discussion thread -