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Valentine Contest[ | ]

Love, passion and romance are not usually words you associate with CABAL Online, however this February, love really is in the Nevareth air. A mist is spreading across the lands and love, rather than war, is the theme of this Februaries contest. For the blissfully unaware let us explain; Valentine’s day is once again approaching and to mark this special event we would like to invite you to help spread the love.

Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to show us romantics here at that love truly exists in CABAL Online. Using all your creative flare, we would like to hear and see examples of love in Nevareth. This can include:

  • Tales of love between two CABAL Players
  • Screenshots which display love and romance in Nevareth
  • A love story surrounding your character

However you decide to convey the feelings of love, the three couples who manage to win over our affections, will be rewarded with the ultimate reward of love; the chance to marry on CABAL Online. This is a unique opportunity and will include a GM Vicar, two wedding rings (one for each player) and a ceremony in any location of CABAL.

For your chance to win this very special prize, send your entries to, with the subject heading ‘Valentine Contest’. The deadline for entries is the 13th February and the winner will be announced on our website and forum on the 14th February.

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