Game Update - July 13, 2010

CABAL Online was updated today to introduce the next expansion added to the game. This expansion is called Secrets of Radiant Hall. Below are the patch notes, taken from the CABAL forums.


  1. Improved the mouse cursor.
    • (1) Details
      • A. Changed the Mouse over Icon by selecting which target is able to attack.
  2. Changed the tool tip of the EXP bar.
    • (1) Details
      • A. Changed the display of EXP information to show three places of decimals.
      • B. Changed the tool-tip to display exp information. Exp bar change
  3. Changed Menu - Option
    • (1) Details
      • A. Added Preferences tab.
        • Mute option.
      • B. Added new option to game config tab.
        • Changed to be able to whisper by left clicking character name in chatting tab.
        • Show skill animation.
        • Forced PK.
        • Rotate camera by touching frame by mouse.
      • C. Removed the option to use Quick Slot by number buttons.
  4. Changed the way of entering and leaving chat channels.
    • (1) Details
      • A. Before : Participate / Leave Channel at Chat tab.
      • B. After : Participate / Leave Channel at Option > Chat tab configuration.
  5. Changed the targeting UI.
    • (1) Details
      • A. Changed to show monsters level by targeting it.
      • B. Gauge bar : Yellow color.
      • C. Image showing changes: Target bar change
  6. Changed the color of combo gauge.
  7. Changed the chat tab.
    • (1) Details
      • A. Added a Chat Configuration button inside the chat tab.
      • B. Added Chat mode change tab.
  8. Added new Block message for Sub Password Block.
  9. Changed the GPS map shape like the map from Mission War.
  10. Change to be able to invite character by invite command even in different worlds.
  11. Changed to be able to whisper by left clicking the character name on the chat tab.
  12. Changed 'Anima Lune' to 'Pet' on item description and agent shop category.
  13. Changed to gain at least 1 EXP when you hit the dummy in party.
  14. Changed the reward from quest 'Basic Fighting' to Skill Book.
  15. Changed the shop selling price of 'Ring of Evil Spirit' from 0 Alz to 100,000 Alz.
  16. Changed the reward from quest 'Core Upgrade Part 1' to Upgrade Core (Low)x1ea.
  17. Changed the newly created character to have the map and warp codes of all three basic towns.
    • (1) Details
      • A. Before : Require Lv.3 to enter Warp Center.
      • B. After : No requirement to enter the Warp Center.
  18. Changed location of Instructor Harper in Port Lux (Next to Core Alchemist) Instructor port lux change
  19. Stopped dropping Miracle Key's craft materials. (Chaos Arena reorganization is scheduled.)
  20. Changed default font size.
    • (1) Details
      • A. Before : Tahoma 12.5
      • B. After : Tahoma 12.0
  21. Changed difficulty of some gathering quests.
  22. Changed the drop rate of Excavator in Fort. Ruina to 100%
  23. Changed the information display window about Battle / Aura mode icon
    • (1) Detailed instructions
      • A. Before : Right upper side.
      • B. After : Button of Character information tab.
      • C. Image : Bm aura change
  24. Changed material of Fury Potion (Lv1), (Lv2), and (Lv3)
    • Fury Potion(Lv1) : 1x Empty Bottle, 1x Powerless Core, 3x Air Disk (Medium)
    • Fury Potion(Lv2) : 1x Empty Bottle, 1x Powerful Core, 1x Fury Potion(Lv1), 3x Air Disk (High)
    • Fury Potion(Lv3) : 1x Empty Bottle, 1x Shining Yellow Powder, 1x Fury Potion(Lv2)
  25. Changed the belt accessories to able to get destroyed.
  26. Changed the free users to be able to open the Premium Item tab as well.
  27. Changed the drop location of Powerful Core and Powerless Core.
  28. Changed the way the quest scrolls are displayed above NPC's head.
    • (1) Details
      • A. Before : By receiving a Quest regardless of the status of it, 'grey open scroll' was shown above.
      • B. After : By receiving a Quest only NPC's which you can proceed your quest will have above 'Yellow open scroll'.
  29. Changed the maximum Quest.
  30. Changed to also mark the dungeon related quests on GPS.
  31. Changed the icon of player, quest, and party member from the mini map.
  32. Changed the message to select Server and Character at Option.
  33. Changed the Channel Chat option to save the channel which you participated.


  1. Corrected error which was still showing scroll above the NPC after giving up quest.
  2. Corrected error that the Battlemode tooltip did not disappear when the inventory is opened.
  3. Corrected error that player couldn't level up by Party bonus EXP.
  4. Corrected error of abnormal Bike movement inside Dungeons.
  5. Corrected error of abnormal display of Skill Amplification.

Mission War

  1. Corrected abnormal display of Force Tower HP when FOrce Blader attack Force Tower using force assault skill.
  2. Added 'Vital Gear HP x100 each', 'Vital Gear SP x 100each' to Mission War Shop.

The full details of this update can be found at:

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