Fort. Ruina is were you drop off when you reach level 65.Fort. Ruina's famous for their dungeons like Ruina station,crazy steam dungeon and the warp that connects Fort. Ruina and Pontus Ferrum.some players are excited if they ever reach Fort.Ruina because they know that it will be easy leveling from levels 75-90.Fort. Ruina also is the most favorite spot for farmers that farms between the mechzard to auto cannon-ex spots since dungeon entry cards mostly drop are some flaws in which regards about Fort. Ruina:

1)farmers are sometimes abusive in the spot especially FA's cause if your questing to be a completer it's sometimes hard to kill auto-cannons since "BOTS" kills mobs faster than ordinary players.(f****** BOTTERS>.<)

2)a specific astral vehicle is a drop at Fort. Ruina,but we have no f***ing proof since the drop rate is sooo f***ing small.

3)Excavator-Alpha=a common mob in Fort. Ruina is so few and their locations are quite far so if your questing for the cross quest giver then give it a shot..(might take long)

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