Forgotten Ruin is the most none specifical place to be specified.since there are less quest about this place and the only dungeon in here is the forgotten ruins it's not a good place for low levels(90-125) but if your level is high enough it will be fun for players like you cause this dungeon porvides some good drops like aqua crystals,orbs...and shadow tita's..and if your lucky sometimes the drops would be crit rings +2 or rol +2.If your the player who likes giant f***ing monsters to fight then your lucky cause forgotten ruins boasts the most nastiest damn boss monsters of all time like that tiny reddish cauda,Giant Cauda,twin headed giant wolf,monakus carion and ancient cockatrice which you can easily find on FR. but their spawn time is so ridiculous since it takes about 4 hours to spawn for boss monsters.there is one fatal flaw about FR:

the quest about the gryphon statues in FR that you would get from eillen the grocer of desert scream is kind of weird since qquesting it only give you the map and warp code of FR but it takes luck to finish it since it's patterns are ridiculously stupid.

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