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Obsolete[ | ]

Info-Logo Note: Please be aware that Forcium Craft (Instant Formula Cards) is not available in the game anymore.

Introduction[ | ]

Once your Professional Craft level reaches level 7, you are able to craft Forcium(Mithril) equipment. However, you are limited to equipment type of the C.A. Transmuter you selected. Unlike Professional Crafting, an Instant Formula Card is a card which can create a certain object without using the C.A. Transmuter but it cannot be used more then once.

Description[ | ]

There are 3 types of Instant Formula Cards used for crafting forcium equipment:

These Formula Cards are not from monster drops, the are purchased at the following NPCs:

The cards are an instant item and expire and will disappear after 3 hours from the time of purchase.

Tip[ | ]

Be prepared before you go to buy the Formula Cards, check all the required materials it needs. Remember, you only have 3 hours after purchasing the card. If you are missing 1 or 2 required materials after purchase, probably you will lose the card, because it is very hard to get the required materials within the 3 hours time.

Card Recipes & Materials[ | ]

  • Strange Merchant Shop:
  1. Instant Card Craft's recipes (Forcium)
  2. Instant Card Craft's Materials Drops/locations (Forcium)
  • Mutant's Black Market Shop
  1. Instant Card Craft's recipes (Forcium/Slot)
  2. Instant Card Craft's Materials Drops/locations (Forcium/Slot)

Guide[ | ]

Forcium Craft[ | ]

MF shop

Strange Merchant Shop

  • Note: Before you pay a visit to this old man, you have to know this:
This NPC is at the middle of the war zone map, and surrounding him are high level monsters such as Entrita and Lobatum. Probably they won't show any mercy to you once you arrive.
Mutant Forest map
MapLinkChoice Location of Strange Merchant in Mutant Forest (130,110)
MF Merchent Mobc

Forcium Slot Craft[ | ]

Energy Ball

Mutant Energy Ball

FT shop

Mutant Black Market Shop

1. To find this NPC first you need the Mutant Energy Ball which is randomly dropped by monsters inside the dungeon.
2. Then find the Secret Device near the beetle box.

Secret Device

Secret Device

Secret Device2

3. Then give the Energy Ball to the Secret Device.

FT Energy Ball

4. The door opens.

FT Door3
FT Door1

5.The NPC is inside.

FT Door2