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Introduction[ | ]

Force Wings are a character specific items which provide some passives skills and active skills to its owner.
Force Wing interface

Obtained[ | ]

Everybody can obtain the Force Wings once their character reaches level 130. To do so one has to complete the Yerte's great achievement quest.
For the quest you will require to craft the Luxury Jewelry Box, using the Request Crafting system. You won't need to buy the recipe for this craft nor need any amity for it. You will find this craft in the first category in the 0-999 Amity bracket. Note: You can't fail this craft.
After completing Yerte's great achievement quest, Yerte will give you a Holy Water potion to drink. Drinking the potion will give you the Force Wings, which can be accessed from the right hand-side of your HP/MP points.
Force Wing open

Requirement[ | ]

Mechanics[ | ]

Passive Stats[ | ]

Each level of the Force Wings provides +1 to the following stats:

  • HP
  • All Attack
  • Defense

Passive Skills[ | ]

  • Wing Fly - can be bought from Yerte for 10,000,000 Alz

Active Skills[ | ]

  • Wing Assault - can be bought from Yerte for 20,000,000 Alz
  • Wing Protect - can be bought from Yerte for 20,000,000 Alz

Training[ | ]

Training can be accessed on the second tab of the Force Wing UI. After each 20th level, you will get a training point which can be allocated into training. There are three different area to train in: Attack, Defense and War.
Note:Be careful as to what to choose in the first row of each area as your choice is permanent.
File:Force Wing training.png

Leveling up[ | ]

Everytime when the Force Wing EXP fills up, a new level it is granted. Although leveling up is not free, a certain amount of Force Essence needs to be consumed for the Force Wings to level-up. Checking the "Auto Level UP" checkbox will automatically level up the wings if you have enough Force Essences in your inventory.

  • Do the same thing as you would do with Pets, they will gain xp each time you do an attack. Please note as this is a very slow xp gain.
  • Drink elixirs such as Elixir of Unity Lv.1 (Wing), these can be obtained fom guild treasure.
  • Drink Wing Potion, these can be obtained from Peticia using Dungeon Points.

Transcend[ | ]

Upon reaching level 100th level you can Transcend to the next wing grade and reseting the level back to 1. Transcending your wings will require a new item called Essence of Wing

Grade No. Grade Name Essence of Wing to transcend Force Essence consumed per level Total Force Essence consumed per grade
1st Normal 15 1 5,050
2nd Rare 2 10,000
3rd Unique 3 14,950
4th Epic 4 19,900
5th Master 5 24,850
6th Legend 6 29,800

Video Walkthrough[ | ]