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Inside the Sage's Tower was a secret special force unknown to anyone.

They consisted of snipers using unusually rifle astral weapons, and after the dismantling of the special forces, those who inherited their battle style were called Fosgunners.

Subsequent research and training continued to ensure proper combat in practice, which eventually transformed the Astral Weapon into a variety of firearms, and was established as a new battle style that would inflict lethal damage under any circumstances.

Basic attack power is low, but in order to make up for the amplification of the force, critical attack mainly aims. He's also agile and skillful in handling forces, with a high accuracy rating that can hit enemies far away with his eyes closed.

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Force Gunner
Weapon: Orb and Crystal
Armor: Battleset
Skills: Force Gunner skills, Common skills, Social skills
Starting location: Green Despair


Starting stats
Strength: 6
Intelligence: 17
Dexterity: 12
HP: 50
MP: 30
HP per level: +?
MP per level: +?
Critical rate: 5%
Critical damage: 20%
Recommended stat distribution
2 strength, 6 intelligence, 4 dexterity

For Stat point values, details will be added separately due to differences.


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