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== PvP combo == LLidzsa

Skills[ | ]

-> Critical Shot lvl 90

-> Shadow Shot (lvl. 20)

-> Terra Lance (lvl. 20)

-> Aqua Lance (lvl. 20)

-> Fire Lance (lvl. 20)

-> Lightning Lance (lvl.20)

-> Arrow Barrage (lv. 20)

First Start Combo, the Combo is easier to do if the combo Bar is On center Screen. ( you can do this by going to options then game ) then follow the Lined up above.

WHY this Following skills?, Alright let me explain, use POISON ARROW LVL 20 to Give -67 HP Down to the enemy so he/she will be continuously be Damaged, then CRITICAL SHOT LVL 20 so your enemy can Be Knocked Down... you have a lot of Chances to attack, Then Fade before GRAVITY DISTORTION LVL 9 so it will not Cool Slow and WILL Stun your enemy within 5 Seconds, Now use SHOOTING STAR LVL 12 to inflict heavy damage while the enemy is Stunned, and IF the enemy IS still Active, you may hit em With PRISMATIC ARROW LVL 20 so the enemy will Fall,the the Good Chance to Hit with DRILLED SHOT LVL 20 AS a FINISHING... Unlike Other Skills, this skill can Inflict great damage in single attack and in fast cast time, so it is a Good Finishing!

Note: For Force archers Everywhere, safe... Use FADE Every skill so you will no be reached By Sword Skills, and be De-Targeted. Heres an Ali by if they call you cheater if you use Fade , (they will not create Fade step if its not allowed to use in PVPs.)

Also, You may use General Magic attacks as long as it will link all your moves altogether.

-Courtesy, Your Researcher Archer, Rei-Mii: NW Physician.

Special Thanks to NakedWeaponZ PH(MARS)

"Never Think That Just because YOU are a Force Archer ,and They say it is the Weakest Job Of them all. Remember! Your Real Trump Card is Your Ability to Cast Lightning-Fast Combos, And You have mastered Strategical Planning, and Skill Combination You May Triumph Above Any Other Players You May Fight. So keep a Positive Mind, All your Fighting, Losing, Grinding will Pay off soon. So keep moving forward."

(Guy From Cabal Wiki, Just add up Pics or tables, do not change arrangements you may add table or external link)


In PVE, or monster hunting, always Prior to Stat Defect which enables you have more opportunity to attack.

-> Shooting Star- lvl 12 -> Gravity Distortion- lvl 9 -> Prismatic Arrow- lvl 20 -> Critical Shot- lvl 20 -> Drilled Shot- lvl 20

All of these have Stun effect, Knock down, or Down. Shooting star has 90% knockdown to bring down Monsters to the ground, also add thrusting arrow effect so it has 120% knockdown. the Gravity Distortion has 85% Stun in 5 Seconds, that 5 seconds ca let you to cast 2- 3 more skills, the Critical Shot has 50 % knockdown, but has fast cast time, which is also more effective if critical, so try wearing CDIs And CRIs items. Drilled shot, it has 70% down, and has Good time to recover to cast another spells.

Monsters Cannot combo so they do not attack if they are Downed, Knocked Back, Stuned.

These combo are good for High HP Monsters, it MAY turn tables, but still Think of a Strategy first before YOU attack a Certain ENEMY.

Still you can create your own Spell Combination which makes you happy.