Cabal Wiki
For Dungeon Challangers
Given by: O'Conner (Instructor)
Location: Bloody Ice
Level: Level 120
Requirements: None
Type: Daily

Introduction[ | ]

Objective[ | ]

Reward[ | ]

Dungeon Entry Item (Choose One): Muster Card : Forgotten Temple B2F, Lost Island Compass, Siena's Crest B1F, Siena's Crest B2F, Copy of the Illusive Apocalypse, Apocalypse of Other Dimension

Dialogue[ | ]

Initial Dialogue[ | ]


Recently more warriors are challenging to conquer dungeons. Looking at them made me think how I could help them as an instructor.

Then I cam up with a contribution idea, and it was accepted. Lucky for you , the contribution policy just has been implemented.


[What kind of policy is it?]
[I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in dungeons.]

Intermediate Dialogue[ | ]

Nothing here.

Completion Dialogue[ | ]

O'Conner[ | ]

We're giving entry items for dungeons what have been discovered recently. Older and more common dungeons are excluded from this contribution policy.

Why don't you use this chance to explore new dungeons?


[Let's use this chance to explore a new dungeon.]