Cabal Wiki

Farming refers to killing lots of monsters for their item drops. There are several popular places, see below for details.

  • Farming rates are listed for Normal accounts (free), Premium (pay), and Premium with Blessing Bead + (pay more).
  • For comparison and planning, everything is listed per hour.
  • The amounts below are for a decent ~Lv130 character with decent luck gear:
    • +300% Alz drop (max is +500%)
    • +200% 1-slot drop (max is +400%)
    • +1000% 2-slot drop (max is +3000%)

Death Soldiers: ~4m/hr[ | ]

Farm these guys to make money without having to wait on other players to buy your drops.

Normal Premium Prem. & BB+
Alz drops 288k 360k 432k
Alz bombs 384k 768k 1152k
Drops sold to NPC 1800k 2250k 2700k
Drops sold on AH (est) 1500k 1900k 2250k
Total / hr 4.0m 5.2m 6.5m

Auto Cannons: ~5.6m/hr[ | ]

Farm these guys to get popular craft materials to sell to other players.

Normal Premium Prem. & BB+
Alz drops 252k 315k 378k
Alz bombs 224k 448k 672k
Drops sold to NPC 1100k 1375k 1650k
Drops sold on AH (est) 4000k 5000k 6000k
Total / hr 5.6m 7.2m 8.7m

DT Dungeons: ~5.7m/hr[ | ]

Run these dungeons to get to sell Upgrade Cores and Titanium slots to other players.

This includes D.T.-Parasite House (Party,D), D.T.-Skeleton Mine (Party,D), D.T.-Mummy Grave (Party,D).

Put on as much 2-slot luck gear as you can! 1000% is easy to get, 2000% isn't too hard.

Normal Premium Prem. & BB+
Entry cost 1200k 1200k 1200k
Alz drops 168k 210k 252k
Alz bombs 112k 224k 336k
Drops sold to NPC 160k 200k 240k
Drops sold on AH (est) 6500k 6500k 6500k
Total / hr 5.7m 5.9m 6.2m

More notes[ | ]

  • For items sold in the Auction House to other players, these average prices are used (yes they are low on purpose!):
  • Only common drops are used in the alz/hour total, so these numbers should be a minimum. If you get lucky with the rare drops, expect an extra 10m-100m per day. =)