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Introduction[ | ]

This dungeon is know as the dungeon at the level 98 story quest name Patren, Patren.

Location[ | ]

Undead Ground map
MapLinkChoice Location of Patren's dungeon in Undead Ground (235,235)

Dungeon walkthrough[ | ]

TIP: Do NOT finish this quest as soon as you can. The monsters in this dungeon give good experience and drops, take advantage of this until you reach level 130. Unfortunately you can't go back once you defeat Patren.

  1. Entrance
    Patren Entrance

  2. As soon as you enter, there will be a portal behind you to enter the actual dungeon.
    Patren Entrance2

  3. You will encounter your first boss at the end of the pathway, Pierce Blade Peryton. After defeating him the gate will open.
    Pierce Blade Peryton

  4. The direction you should head into is left after the gate opens. Kill the next boss, Defender Mechape T-2. Defeating it will open up another gate.
  5. The next room will have three Prime Crow Knight bosses for you to defeat till the next door opens. The path is split into three, so just head to the end of each three paths and defeat all three bosses.
  6. A new pathway will open as soon as you do, and you will encounter the Wuirger Flesh Golem boss.
  7. After you defeat Wuirger Flesh Golem, go through the nearby portal. This portal will lead you to the final boss, Patren.
  • Don't kill Patren unless you are sure that you don't want to come back to this dungeon!
  • He will not attack you until you attack him; get ready before you do.
  • He uses an orange force-shield that makes him periodically invincible.
  • Each skill only hits him once, so fast skills work best.
  • You can retreat through the portal should you need to heal.
Patren02 Patren
  1. No7 Above is no more for new version of cabal, after defeat Wuirger Flesh Golem and go in patren room just click patren to complete dungeon quest, no need come back this dungeon as no more good stuff drop.

Quest[ | ]