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Endurance of Scorching, Eight
Given by: Not Specified
Location: [[]]
Level: Level 80
Requirements: None
Type: Rank up
Preceding quest: Leveling Up, 2nd (level 80)

Introduction[ | ]

If you pass the last test, you will be allowed to do a battle style Level Up.

Objective[ | ]

This is the final stage of the Battle Style Level Up. You must eliminate all the Mutant Clan monsters of _____ within the time limit.

Penalty:55,640 EXP

Reward[ | ]

Experience: 282,920 EXP
Amount: 350,000 Alz
Honor: 2,400


Attack 5 Increased!
Defense Strength 7 Increased!
Magic Attack 8 increased!
Attack Rate 7 increased!
Defense Rate 7 increased!

Dialogue[ | ]

Completion Dialogue[ | ]

Dungeon Completion dialogue:
"Mission Accomplished! You have successfully passed the final stage of the Battle Style Level Up. Please report to the officer."
"You are a fighter who has completed all the stages. I shall upgrade your battle style level. You have now earned an Astral Bike license. With this license, you can use an Astral Bike card to summon such a bike. As not just anyone can access such a bike and license, you should take pride in the very fact that you can ride an Astral Bike."
[Battle Style leveled up!]