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Elena and Turner
Given by: Entrance to Elena's Room
Location: Fort. Ruina
Level: Level 186
Requirements: None
Type: Scenario
Scenario: Explosive Summer
Preceding quest: The ASC Controller's Power, Part Two
Following quest: Elena's Memory

Introduction[ | ]

Objective[ | ]

Reward[ | ]

Experience: 2,542,600,717 EXP
Honor Point: 2,000,000

Dialogue[ | ]

Initial Dialogue[ | ]

You've set the coordinates and agreed to set out with Elena.

Go inside and speak with her.


[Go inside.]
[Go next time.]

Intermediate Dialogue[ | ]

Elena[ | ]

(she's unconscious.)


[Wake up!!! Elena!]


My head hurts...


[What should I do?]
[Listen to the previous story]

... Is it you, Warrior?

I'm in bad shape... no matter how you cut it.

Hurry... Get away while you can... Go!


[Listen to the previous story]
[How could I leave you in such a state?]

I... can't bear this pain much longer.

Can't... take... any... more!


[... She needs someone to treat her. Take her to Turner.]

Turner[ | ]

Welcome. It's pure luck that I haven't gone anywhere yet. You have good timing.

... Who might that be?


[This... this is Elena. She's a Magic Advisor, but she's in bad shape...]

... Hmm, let's see.

Ah...? This face...? Hmm.

Ah, it looks like you've awakened.

Are you okay?


[Turner is checking over Elena.]
[Listen to the previous story]

This is my hideout.

I'm Truner the Healer.


[Listen to the previous story]
[Elena is taking stock of her surroundings as if to see wheather she's regained consciousness.]

Elena[ | ]

Where is this place?

Have we come to the coordinates Leedy told us?

... Wait! I know you... You're Turner!

Why are you here!?

And how do you know the Warrior?

Warrior, please explain all this.


[He... he's Truner, a famous healer make. He's well known in the Colony.]

Healer... mage?

Hahaha, that might be the funniest thing I've ever heard, Warrior!


[Are you saying it's not true?]
[Listen to the previous story]

Look, Turner.

Surely you must remember me.


[Listen to the previous story]
[Turner appears to be at a complete loss.]

Haha, I really wanted to run into you again.

I didn't think we'd ever meet like this, though.

It's me.

Perhaps I'm the one you've been looking for.

I'm the psychic... with the fragmented soul.


[Fragmented soul?]
[Listen to the previous story]

Now, tell me.

Where is my sister?

I'll kill you on the spot if I suspect you're holding back.


[... Elena has never looked so frightening.]

Turner[ | ]

I remember.

Indeed, I've been looking for you as well.

... It seems you recall nearly everything too.

In that case, we won't have much catching up to do.


[It's hard to understand what they're talking about.]

Let's get straight to the point. I don't know where your sister is.

I've been looking for her too, you know.

Ah, but there is one thing I'm certain of.

Sage Capella was the one who took her.


[Listen to the previous story]
[Why would Capella take Elena's sister?]

You know the reason why, Elena.

The twin psychics caught in the middle of the struggle between the Sages...

It's such a tragic tale.

The sole reason I sought the pwer of the ASC Controller was to meet you two.


[Listen to the previous story]
[So Turner was the one who was after the ASC Controller's power.]

Now, tell me, Elena.

Your condition is abnormal.

Might your sister be the same?


[Listen to the previous story]
[Does this mean both the twins are suffering the same way?]

Elena[ | ]


Yes. You're correct...

And we have very little time now...

(Elena wavers momentarily.)


[What can I do, Elena?]

Completion Dialogue[ | ]

Turner[ | ]

Your task is simple, Warrior.

Find the other psychic. Then bring both twins to me.


[The other psychic...? He must be speaking of Elena's sister.]

The twins' pwer will soon reach an uncontrollable frenzy.

If it can't be contained, the entire continent of Nevareth will be destroyed.

We must leave the continent before their power boils over.


[Leave Nevareth?]
[Listen to the previous story]


Though you may have been unaware, there is another continent known as Senillineabeyond the fathomless Senea Ocean.

The Senea Tower is in the very cnter of that continent.

That's where you'll find me.

Bring the sisters to me, and don't let the Sages see you.


[There's nothing for it but to agree.]