Cabal Wiki

Introduction to the duel System[ | ]

The Player vs Player system does not have penalties unlike the Player Kill system.
Player vs Player is only available when both characters are agreed upon. You can also bet your Alz and Honor Points on the fights (not implemented in US version).

Starting PvP[ | ]

  1. Click a targeted character that you wish to PvP, and click "Request PvP" on the character menu that will be appeared upon targeting.
    [Tip] Betting on PvP is no longer available.
  2. Once both characters have agreed upon a PvP, they will receive the starting message and will be given 3 minutes to finish the battle.
    [Tip] If the PvP did not end within the 3 minutes time limit, the game will automatically end in a draw.
  3. Using the most powerful skills and the efficient character control are the keys to win in PvP!
    [Tip] You are not allowed to use HP potions during a PvP. Use Fade Step (Sword Skill) or Roll over (Social Action) to avoid being targeted.
  4. You will lose the PvP if you use return stone during PvP.
  5. If you win in PvP, you will be informed of the PvP result and the winning prize.
    [Tip] If you win in PvP, you will be rewarded with 1 Honor Point apart from the Honor Points that are bet on the game.
  6. If you lose in PvP, you will be informed of your death, and you will be revived from the closest warp gate from the PvP place.
    [Tip] There is no death penalty in PvP.