Cabal Wiki
Given by: Mezias
Location: Desert Scream
Level: Level 61
Requirements: None
Type: Scenario
Scenario: The Missing King
Preceding quest: An Armistace Agreement
Following quest: The End of Wandering

Introductory[ | ]

Rumor has it that Yuan, the blader, has come to Desert Scream.

Objective[ | ]

  • Talk with Yuan in the Research Group Camp.
  • Talk with Heill in the 4th door
  • Talk with Tesky in the 4th door

Reward[ | ]

You must meet with Yuan in Desert Scream for the reward:

Experience: 125,320 EXP
Amount:110,000 Alz

Dialogue[ | ]

Introduction Dialogue[ | ]

Dialogue with Mezias
"Do you remember my friend whom I introduced last time? She is an expert with the blade, her name is Yuan.
...It seems you do remember. That's fortunate! Never before has she done this, but she actually came to me first. Upon asking her what was the matter, she said that she is looking for you."
[Is that so?]
"yes, as she said she had something urgent to tell you, she mentioned that she would be staying at the inn where the investigation committee, despatched a while back by the Tower of Sages, had lodged. Though, I have known her for quite a long time, receiving such a request from her is a first. Ha ha. Go to her. She should be waiting."

Intermediate Dialogue[ | ]

Dialogue with Heill
"What? What is it now? Speak at once! I'm busy now!"
[Are you and Tesky family?]
"Hey!! What about me would make you think that about me and that cranky old man!! Our levels are different, levels, I say~!! Have you forgotten so quickly? I am the head researcher recognized by the Tower of Sages! I find such comparisons from time to time to be so tiresome! Family? Curse you... Perhaps enemies would be more like it."
[Ask again.]
[ seems to be a good match.]
[I wish to receive a test.]
"Test? What kind of a test? You don't think that you might have a mind as bright as Heill, do you? You are stiff in my opinion!! Very thick!! Talking of a test! Ee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!"
[Ask again.]
[He says my head is thick... this old geezer...!]
[I wish to meet Tesky.]
"You wish to meet him? That old Tesky? Is he your sweetheart? Why do you blush so and say you wish to him? Do I look like some matchmaker to you? eh? I do not wish to speak with those with strange taste. Hmph."
[Ask again.]
[I seemed to have made the wrong choice again.]
[Some news of Tesky...]
"I don't know. No news of any kind of that cranky old man. After getting into a huge argument with him a while back, I haven't had any contact with him. To think, he had the nerve to slander Veradrix! Such insipid talk of her wanting to stick with the Tower of Sages to live comfortably... That accursed old dolt. I'll never lend him another old book again. Why do you ask about such a scundrel! I don't know! Find out yourself!!"
[Ask again.]
[It seems Heill is distinctly annoyed.]
[Is Tesky your older brother?]
"What did you say?? Older brother! The position of an older brother can only be filled by someone who is very considerate, tender, and affable! That old man has none of those qualities, so such talk is rubbish! Stop spewing your nonsense! What's more, I'm probably older?"
[Ask again.]
[Come now, Tesky looks older...]
" do not believe what I say! I am older! Don't you know the old saying that the daylight differs from May to June? Eh? If you are so suspicious, do you want to go directly and ask him? As he doesn't lie, he will probably speak accurately!"
[Where is Tesky now?]
"Though I don't know for sure, I have a warp card to the place where he is. As I'l give this to you, take it and go back into the warp gate. Go and ask him for sure! I am the one who is clearly of older brother status!"
[Hee hee... I received the warp card. Go to meet Tesky.]

Dialogue with Tesky

"You are truly persistent. How many times is it now? If I'm unlucky, I may even grow fond of you. What? Is Heill older than me, you ask? Is being of older age any matter? So what! He and I are similarly eccentric old men."
[I see. However, I came because I have something else to ask.]
"Huh huh... Alright. It would seem certain that you didn't come here just for that. That stupid Heill, it seems he lost his senses once again. What is it you wish to ask? As I usually do not welcome questions, hurry and ask while I am in an agreeable mood, and then be on your way."
[It seems the Wizards Guild is up to strange things recently.]
"The Wizards Guild... Those rascals, are they finally looking to stir up some significant trouble? Have you, by chance, ever heard of Prometeus? It is the official name of the secret society that has remained hidden behind the scenes for ages and controls the world according to 'some motive'. They are also known as the Cabal. Are you unfamiliar? Or does it sound familiar?"
[So the Cabal is named Prometeus.]
"Can you believe it? I, myself, did not believe my ears when first heard. To think, something like that remained behind the scenes of this world.. Though I don't know everything, it is clear that a number of key members of the Wizards Guild have been influenced by Prometeus. Perhaps, it may even be the core. Does it not make sense? To be honest, I have not figured out either. Damn! The expression I hate the most is, 'I don't quite know', you see."
[So the Cabal is influencing the Wizards Guild...]
"During my brief time in the Wizards Guild I made a few friends, who I met with recently. They said that they are searching for some sort of 'fragment' that is said to be held by a clan master. Apparently, the top ranks ordered it. They s poke some nonsense about it, 'if that can be procured, the world can be obtained...' But, somehow, such talk had a familiar ring. It brought back memories of something I heard sometime in the past. Absolute strength is required for the complete development of civilization... This strength is provided by a certain medium, which can only be obtained by one whoe is qualified. However, the funny thing is that hte one who is qualified to do this is none other than the Lord of Destruction who brought the Dire Destruction. Sound like nonsense? Just listen. After all, it is something that has no significant meaning to me. However, this i has been written in a very old book using a very hard to distinguish ancient language as well as very substantial symbolism. Those blockheads in the Wizards Guild, surely they would have no way of knowing it. Even if they knew, their strength is not sufficient enough to come close to paralleling that of a clan master. Isn't it obvious that there must be something else behind all of this?"
[Indeed, it seems Prometeus is behind this...]
"It's up to you to make of this as you like. However, the talk of those Wizards Guild rascals ascertaining the location of the Plant Clan master is out of the ordinary. How is it that the Tower of Sages remains so silent? It's as if they are aware of everything and are keeping watch. Quite distasteful. Those snakes. Right, I have nothing further to tell you. In the future, find things out for yourself."
[Thank you. We shall meet again.]

Completion Dialogue[ | ]

Dialogue with Yuan:
"You met Tesky? Right, what did he know?"
[Tell her of what Tesky spoke.]
"You say that he said the Cabal, namely Prometeus, that we have been looking for is influencing the Wizards Guild? If that is true, what is making them antagonize the Plant Clan? Is it that they have allied with another clan in the fight against hte Plant Clan? If so, to gain what?"
[With more contemplation, things seem more and more complicated]
"Do you remember that the investigation of the heathens revealed their contact with Prometeus? As it seems they are helping the Wizards Guild in pinpointing the location of the Plant Clan master, let's not forget this and keep an eye out. And, we should continue to look for traces of the heathens' contact with prometeus. I believe that, by doing so, more about the relation with the Wizards Guild will be revealed."
[Let's do as you say.]
"Right, then I shall continue to look for Patren. My king certainly causes so many to worry. You are not a knight like us, but as you are the one who is needed for the equilibrium of the world, you know how I feel, do you not? You as well as I should hope that there is no realization of a second calling."
[A second calling... Would it be related to the Lord of Destruction?]
"Then, I shall return again to Port Lux. Let's meet again there."
[Understood. I shall see you there.]