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Desert Scream Information
Given by: Dunhike (Officer)
Location: Desert Scream
Level: Level 1
Requirements: None
Type: Tutorial

Following quest: GPS

Introductory[ | ]

"You have just stepped into a new world. Go talk to an officer. Find the location of the officer using the [M] key."

Reward[ | ]

You must go to Dunhike for the reward

Experience : 120 EXP
Amount : 1,000 Alz
Item : HP potion (lv 1)

Dialogue[ | ]

Dialogue with Dunhike[ | ]

" Welcome to Desert Scream.
Although this colony is part of the Polis Judin on this the Cont. Huan, it is also a special government colony established under special orders by the Sage Sirius and under the direct jurisdiction of the Tower of Sages.
I will serve the role of imparting to you news received from the Tower and various information heard from the outside.
But first and foremost, I shall help you to acclimatize yourself to this place as."
[ Nice to meet you.]
"I believe the first step would be to learn what is where, isn't that so? As the merchants are most familiar with this place, go and meet them. It should prove to be of great help.
By the way, you should have the map of this place as well as the GPS.
If you press the M key to open the window, you'll see the location of each merchant in addition to the overall map.
First, go and meet the weapons merchant."
[Go and meet the merchants.]
[Repeat the previous section]

Dialogue with Mezias[ | ]

"Are you the fighter who just arrived? It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am the weapons merchant, Mezias. I deal primarily in the swords that are used by bladers.
Incidentally, do you know how to rotate the screen? Try pressing teh Page Down key. Doing so allows you to rotate the screen,
and if you move the mouse cursor allt eh way to the left, the screen will rotate in that direction. In the same way, you can rotate the screen right if you move the cursor"
[Try this by pressing the Page Down key.]

Dialogue with Dion[ | ]

"Good day.
I sell Martial Suits for use by Bladers and Wizards.
Oh yes, have you tried opening your inventory?"
[The hotkey for the inventory is 'I'.]
"If you open your inventory, or namely your equipment window, you will find a helmet.
You can equip it directly by mouse-clicking on it, or you can put it on yourself by placing the cursor over it and clicking the right mouse button."
[Try putting on the helmet from the inventory]
"If you put on the helmet, you will be able to instantly see the effect on your full set equipment.
Equipping all the armor items of the same level will raise your defensive ability and defense rate.
Press the 'O' hotkey to open the menu window and click the 'Options' button.
If you check the see character helmet box in the 'Display' menu under the 'Game' tab, you will be able to view your appearance with the helmet on."
[The 'see character helmet' option is off by default]
"Equipping sturdy armor in full scale is more important to your protection than wielding a powerful weapon.
Take care to always suit yourself in armor that corresponds with your skill level."
[Go to the magic merchant next.]

Dialogue with Sullivan[ | ]

"We core alchemists are the most familiar with the core next to those who are associated with the Tower.
Have you come for an upgrade? Ah, this is your first visit, you say?
I offer magic weapons, accessories such as rings and necklaces, as well as return stones for sale.
I say, you appear to be younger than me, so would it be alright if I spoke to you in more informal terms? You see, you remind me of my younger sibling who remains"
[Go to the storehouse guard next.]

Dialogue with Cox[ | ]

"Pleasure to meet you. I am agent Cox of the Desert Scream branch of the Nevareth Port Express.
To give you some background on our Nevareth Port Express, it is the largest distribution company operating in Nevareth with a history of approximately 320 years. Coverign the central areas of the polises all the way to such frontier hinterland areas, you can store and withdraw items of any sort anywhere via our service.
To put it succinctly, we are a using core technology, the unique vision of our company has allowed us to be the only provider of a type of virtual space to offer such service.
Anyone who wishes to use our service must open an account, and each account can be used by a total of six customers.
Also, celebrating the establishment of branches in special government colonies, we are holding an event in which trainees hare can open accounts at no cost."
[Then, can I also open an account?]
"Ah, of course. I will open one for you right now.
If you can manage the minimal usage fees, you will be able to enjoy Nevareth's best storage service.
Right then, best of luck to you from heron in."
[Report back to the officer]

Dialogue with Dunhike[ | ]

"Well done. Although we are a special government colony in truth, our environment is not so great in comparison with other colonies.
However, as such, if you carry on with more diligence than others, you shall enjoy good results.
Here is the small quantity of potion as well as settlement funds that are given by policy to all trainees"
[I shall use it well]
"By the way, you have not yet had the chance to learn a new skill, have you?
After reaching level 2, if you go to the instructor, you will receive much advice. your training will begin in earnest from that point forward."
[Quest Complete]