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Crowpar (Warehouse Keeper)
NPC FortRuina Warehouse
Location Fort Ruina
Profession (Warehouse Keeper)Agent of Port Service
Description You can leave your items with him. But, every time you leave an item with him, you have to pay a commission. Recently he has spent lots of money perming his hair but since he didn't receive any compliments from his neighbors he tied his hair back.
Location Map
Fort. Ruina map
MapLinkChoice Location of Crowpar (Warehouse Keeper) in Fort. Ruina (224,237)

Dialouge[ | ]

"Do you see that large electric sign? It is like a reward for here, the busiest port in Nevareth.

Are you wondering how this wilderness has won the reward? Hahaha... just wait and see.

You wouldn't be able to find out every single secret kept within this place even until you became as old as I am."