Cabal Wiki

Introduction[ | ]

Cabal has three broad categories of crafting:

  • Basic Crafting
    Crafting of potions, buff potions, return stones etc.
  • Temporary Crafting
    Crafting of items using temporary craft formula cards.

Note: Professional and Basic crafting may only be done by characters above level 50 who have obtained the C.A. Transmuter. Temporary crafting may be done by any character with the proper materials.

How to start[ | ]


Karter & Yerte

At level 50 you'll get a quest called "The Last Knight". After you finish it, you`ll get the map code for Port Lux. Now you can use Port Manager Karter in Green Despair to get there. To start crafting you'll need a C.A. Transmuter, which you can get from Port Lux Core Alchemist, Yerte.

Select Craft Type[ | ]



From Yerte you can choose one from the 5 different C.A.Transmuters. Each transmuter allows different types of professional crafting based upon type. Any of the transmuters allows basic crafting.

Once you have your transmuter you're ready to start crafting.

Professional Crafting[ | ]

Basic Crafting[ | ]


Temporary Crafting[ | ]

Craft Materials[ | ]