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The chat is the main communication tool in Cabal (and nearly every other online game).

Types of Chat[ | ]

The chat is split into different types each with different color.

Type Color Range Who can read it Command
Normal White As long as the character is in view All /n <text>
Whisper Pale indigo Your server The person you whispered /w <target character> <text>
Party Pink Your server. Your party members /p <text>
Guild Green Your server Your guild members /g <text>
Trade Orange As long as the character is in view All /t <text>
Shout Blue Your channel All /l <text>
Chat channel Yellow Your server All people in your specific chat channel /c <text>
Megaphone Cyan Your server All /m <text> (requires Megaphone)

Normal chat[ | ]

Normal chat can be activated by the shortcut key /n. Upon clicking "enter", your chat appears in a speech bubble above your character.


Normal Chat

Whisper chat[ | ]

Whisper chat is also commonly known as "PM" or Personal Message. It can be activated by the shortcut key /w.
Suppose that I want to Whisper SCOTCH using my character Watch, it would look something like this.
In the event that the character is offline or does not exist, an auto message is returned to you as shown above.

Party chat[ | ]

Players are able to party across channels in the same server and communicate by using the Party Chat, shortcut key /p.

Guild chat[ | ]


Using commands /G or /g and a space at front of a text will enable you to activate the guild chat. Guild chat is displayed in green, and your message will be sent only to the other guildsmen.

Trade chat[ | ]

Trade chat is done by the /t command. Your message will be repeated periodically for all to see until you chat again using any of the chat types.

Loud chat[ | ]

The Loud chat or more commonly known as shout, is activated by /L. Players can only use this chat within 10 second intervals.
Here are some common chat notations used in-game.

Notation Meaning
B> HP Potion Lv 3 Buying HP Potion Lv 3
S> HP Potion Lv 3 Selling HP Potion Lv 3
T> HP Potion Lv 3 for MP Potion Lv 3 Trading HP Potion Lv 3 for MP Potion Lv 3
F> party to dungeon Find party to dungeon

Chat channels[ | ]

Chat channels allow you to chat with multiple persons while not being in a group or guild with them and while you are at different places or even on different server-channels. It is a great tool to use if you want to communicate in war zones if players are of different nations (Capella or Procyon).
You can join a channel by clicking the "Participate"-Button inside the chat-options.

How to join chat channel ?[ | ]

1. First open the options menu (Press O or ESC > Options > Chat tab)
2. Click the "Chat" tab
3. Enter the Channel Name & password, if need it.
4. Press the button below the password box.
5. If you did everything correctly you'll see a system message that you have joined the channel.
6. To talk in the Chat Channel you need to use " /c" in front of the text, Or press enter and click on the speech bubble too the left of the chat box.
7. The text will be displayed in a yellow colour, the same colour as channel is in the image below.

Special Chat modes[ | ]

Chat commands[ | ]

Command Action
/sit You sit down
/stand You stand up
/yay You cheer
/cry You cry
/roll Your equipped weapons return to their positions as they were in town, or non fighting zones, for a brief moment.
/dance You dance. This dance is specific to gender.
/dance2 You dance. This is the Tell Me dance, by Wondergirls. It is the same for both genders.
/dance3 You dance. This is the TJ Shuffle, a line dance by Tom Joyner.
/sync While dancing, this command syncs those players who are dancing in your view. (Dance in time with one another)
/follow Activate following command. To use, select a character and type in the command. To cancel, click anywhere on screen, press Esc or use a skill.
/no or /nah You show action of decline.
/yes or /yea You show action of acceptance.
/there You point in a direction.
/kiss You show gesture of affection.
/wave You wave as to greet.
/knee You kneel down in respect.
/tnt You taunt.
/hah You laugh.
/clap You clap your hands.
/dice Roll dice for a random number, which varies from 0 to 999.
/shop Opens a personal shop.
/trade Sends a trade request to targeted player.
/duel Sends a PvP duel request to targeted player.
/invite or /party [player name] Invites the designated player to your party.
/ginvite [player name] Invites the designated player to your guild.

Bringer chat[ | ]

Bringer chat can be used by Luminosity Bringers for Capella and Storm Bringers for Procyon. [2]
Their chats appear in the center of the screen in large text and only works in the Mission War channel.

Item links on chat[ | ]

Players can attach "item links" on chat. It can be activated by using: Ctrl + Right Click the item.
These links enable other players to click on them and see what they are. The links are in Red. When your mouse hovers and/or clicks, it becomes Underlined. A popup will appear, showing the item.
Below is an example.
Item Link

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