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NOTE: This item no longer drops in game

A Chaos Lamp is an item that gives you one random item from a list when used. You may sell it to an NPC for 1.000 Alz.

Some of the items that may be acquired from using a Chaos Lamp are in the list below (it is probably incomplete).

Item Quantity
MP Potion (Lv 2) 50
HP Potion (Lv 2) 50
MP Potion (Lv 3) 50
HP Potion (Lv 3) 50
Return Stone 50
Return Stone 100
Map Part 1
Muster Card: Ruina Station 1
Muster Card : Forgotten Temple B1F 1
Epaulet of the Dead 1
Epaulet of the Dead (B2F) Part1 1
Upgrade Core (Medium) 1 Upgrade Core (High) 1
Plate of Honor 1
Astral Bike 1
Dropped by:
Ape Zombie
Clay Gargoyle
Crag Crab
Hound Sp
Lihorn Zombie