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Chaos Arena Lv. 2
Bloody Ice map
MapLinkChoice Location of Chaos Arena Lv. 2 in Bloody Ice (76,24)
Entry Item: Key-of-Chaos-Lv2
Key of Chaos
65 ~ 94
Duration: 20 min.
Reward for
2 Dungeon Points
Penalty for
None specified
Mob respawn time: None specified
Number of Participants: None specified
Daily Reward: None specified

Introduction[ | ]

Also known as "CA". Chaos Arena is a 20 minute dungeon in which waves of monsters spawn in an enclosed arena. A boss monster spawns last which the players must defeat to complete the dungeon.

Drops[ | ]

Some of the better items that can drop in this dungeon include:

A comprehensive drop table is found at:

Monsters[ | ]

  • Chaotic Crag Toad
  • Chaotic Electric Bird
  • Chaotic Lihorn Zombie
  • Chaotic Stone Gargoyle
  • Chaotic Auto Cannon-EX
  • Chaotic Death Giant
  • Chaotic Invader Mecha Bear
  • Chaotic Rettooth
  • Chaotic Werewolf
  • Chaotic Spector

Boss[ | ]

Walkthrough[ | ]

A generic guide for Chaos Arena is described on the Chaos Arena main page. The strategy described there is applicable for any CA dungeon level.