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Chaos Arena
Bloody Ice map
MapLinkChoice Location of Chaos Arena in Bloody Ice (76,24)
Entry Item: Key of Chaos
30 ~ 190
Duration: 20 min.
Reward for
1 ~ 6 Dungeon Points
Penalty for
None specified
Mob respawn time: None specified
Number of Participants: None specified
Daily Reward: None specified
Chaos Arena Entrance

Chaos Arena Entrance

Introduction[ | ]

Also known as "CA". Chaos Arena is a 20 minute dungeon in which waves of monsters spawn in an enclosed arena. A boss monster spawns last which the players must defeat to complete the dungeon.

Once you've entered the Arena the progression of the dungeon is the following:

  • Monsters will appear as soon as the gate is destroyed.
  • As time goes by, waves of monsters will appear.
  • The Boss monster will appear last.
  • Chest appears in center of arena once Boss is killed.
  • Breaking chest completes Chaos Arena.

There are 6 levels of Chaos Arena each with increasing difficulty and character level requirements. However, the general idea of the dungeon is the same for all levels.

More detail about the specifics of each Chaos arena level is found on the main page for each:

Key of Chaos[ | ]

To enter Chaos Arena you must have a Key of Chaos corresponding to your character level. Keys are dropped from monsters in the field.

Key-of-Chaos-Lv1 Key of Chaos Lv. 1
Drop Location Bloody Ice, Fort Ruina, Undead Ground
Req. Level 30 ~ 200
Key-of-Chaos-Lv2 Key of Chaos Lv. 2
Drop Location Port Lux, Fort Ruina, Undead Ground
Req. Level 65 ~ 200
Key-of-Chaos-Lv3 Key of Chaos Lv. 3
Drop Location Undead Ground, Forgotten Ruin, Lakeside
Req. Level 95 ~ 200
Key-of-Chaos-Lv4 Key of Chaos Lv. 4
Drop Location Lakeside, Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum
Req. Level 125 ~ 200
Key-of-Chaos-Lv5 Key of Chaos Lv. 5
Drop Location Lakeside, Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum
Req. Level 145 ~ 200
Key-of-Chaos-Lv6 Key of Chaos Lv. 6
Drop Location Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum, Porta Inferno, Arcane Trace
Req. Level 165 ~ 200

Walkthrough[ | ]

Since the mobs don't drop anything in CA one of the strategies to complete CA is luring mobs away from the center of the arena where the Boss will spawn. Then lure the Boss outside the gate where it will be alone making it much easier to kill it. To lure mobs it is useful to have a Blader in your party. The Intuition skill will be very helpful. Another useful class is Force Shielder who can use Art of Defense and Shadow Shield. A Wizard for SP makes things easier as well.

Start CA by wearing your most defensive and vampiric gear you have. Later switch to you most damage gear when killing the boss.

The step-by-step procedure for this strategy is the following:

  • Once you kill the gate the first time mobs spawn. You should kill the gate as quickly as possible once you start CA. After ~1 minute the gate respawns and you will have to kill it again to get back in if you die.
  • Kill as many mobs in the first waves as you can before you become too overwhelmed.
  • After the 4th wave or so of mobs you will be unable to survive very long if you try to kill mobs. Focus on luring mobs from this point on.
  • The goal in luring is to make the front center area as clear as possible. This accomplishes two things.
1. You will be able to target the boss when it spawns in the center of the arena. If it is surrounded by mobs it may be impossible to target.
2. You are less likely to die as you lure the boss through the gate since there will be few mobs in front.
  • It is important from this point to not run down the front steps. This only will lure mobs to the front center area where you don't want them. Run around the side wall to the back steps to lure.
  • To lure, the Blader should use intuition and run around dragging mobs toward the back steps and against the side wall within the arena. The FS should use AOD near the back steps to lure mobs to him. Other classes should do their best to survive typically by killing the mobs that are being lured in the back.
  • As more mobs spawn the Blader may need to use BM2 for the extra defense.
  • If you killed the gate quickly at the start of CA the boss will spawn with about 6min 30s left in the dungeon.
  • Make sure no one is in the arena before he spawns. You don't want to lure the boss back into the other mobs.
  • Target the boss well before you run onto the floor of the arena if you can.
  • Once targeted, lure it by using a long range magic attack that has no AOE. Wind Arrow or Freezing Arrow are good for this since any class can use it, and has range of 9. It may be helpful to turn off auto attack.
  • Keep luring the boss until it is outside the gate. One strategy is the Blader lures in intuition while other party members keep the gate down.
  • Once the boss is out hopefully without many other mobs kill it as fast as you can. Stack BM Aura with shorts, die, and repeat if you have to.
  • Once the boss is dead a chest drops in the center of the arena. You must break the chest to complete the dungeon.
  • Hopefully if you lured well before it will be easy to break the chest. If not then the mobs may kill you before you can break the chest.

Good luck