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CoMMuNiTy Portal

Welcome to Cabal Wikipedia

This page is intended as a task list to keep our efforts in the wiki coordinated and help highlight specific issues that need attendance. Additionally, this page's discussion page is used for discussions that affect the wiki in general.

Reporting Bugs

General Bugs

If you spot a problem with the wiki in general, please report it here.

Updating "Help:" Pages

Pages such as Help:Contents, CabalWiki:About, and others, require a good deal of work before they are in working order.

Special Pages

Keeping an eye on various Special Pages is a great help to this Wiki. Anything ranging from clearing/creating categories, adding deletion tags to redirects, or keeping an eye on Recent Changes. Your vigilance is appreciated.

Perennial Tasks


Please look at CabalWiki:Policy for suggested guidelines for proposing and changing policies, a more centralized way of tracking what is currently up for discussion, and a more up-to-date listing of Cabal policy.