Bracelets are a type of accessory a character can equip. A player can equip up to two bracelets, inlcuding two of the same bracelet.

List of bracelets follows-

Bracelets of Kalith

  • Level 18
  • HP steal 1% of the total damage
  • Bracelet which has the stronge and chilling feelling of death. (Yes, there are two spelling errors in this description, but that is what it's description is. So until it gets changed ingame, it should stay as such.)
  • Dropped by Kalith in Bloody Ice.

Bracelets of Babimadon-

  • Level 23
  • MP steal 1% of the total damage
  • Bracelet which produces extreme energy when intellect and emotion collides.
  • Dropped by Babimadon in Bloody Ice.

More bracelets to come when they are found.

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